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So beautiful
Amanda, Thornhill, TN ★★★★★PTZ webcam at Dean's Dam, Maruleng, South Africa
Is there a problem with the camera? Previously the pictures were clear and sharp now they are constantly pixelated. Also the water level looks very low which is strange considering how much rain Kenya has had recently.
Alice, NottinghamWebcam at ol Donyo Lodge, Kenya
At night there is an almighty row coming from something. Is it some machinery that needs oiling. It’s terrible. Can’t be wildlife making that noise, surely?
Frank, WakefieldWebcam at ol Donyo Lodge, Kenya
Webcam has been off since yesterday morning
Raachel R, CardiffWebcam at ol Donyo Lodge, Kenya
Fabulous animals. Clear pictures 24 hours per day.
Alice, Nottingham ★★★★★Webcam at ol Donyo Lodge, Kenya
Thank you so much for the sound!
Temp? I want to see in person. Wish i had a travel partner... & or a job to bring me there. Beautiful!!! I dont hear animals? Happy Easter.
Rene, Reading ★★★★★Tau Waterhole PTZ webcam, South Africa
The video quality has been improved to 1080, thanks a lot for that!I constantly watch this particular camera at this watering hole as at home, even though I am from Russia.
I watch it all the time very interestingly, if only the video quality of 1920 x 1080 and there would be a drop off at all!
Very good camera work, but we would appreciate a little more time with birds rather than just large animals, especially when there aren't any large animals in the area.
Chet, LakesideDjuma Game Reserve Webcam
Camera operator appears to be sleeping! Giraffe walks past the camera and he/she then focus on some Impala in the distance. Really!
Philip Bernard Joubert, JohannesburgDjuma Game Reserve Webcam
Thanks for a great webcam. Is it possible to ask the operator where to move the camera? Sometimes I can hear sounds close to the Webcam but the operator appears to be scouting in faraway places.
Philip Bernard Joubert, JohannesburgDjuma Game Reserve Webcam
When this cam started, I was a member of this group, and still in Cape Town. I am now retired for more than 20 years in The Cradle of Human Kind. Accidentally found this page and it brings back fond memories and I will be back regularly. GREAT job to all. Fond memories, Bill Hollenbach (Pavo)
Bill Hollenbach, LanseriaDjuma Game Reserve Webcam
I envy your hippos. Bathe. Have a rest. And in Moscow we already have snow.
Thanks for the pleasure.
Dmitry, MosсowDjuma Game Reserve Webcam
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