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Very good camera work, but we would appreciate a little more time with birds rather than just large animals, especially when there aren't any large animals in the area.
Chet, LakesideDjuma Game Reserve Webcam
I want to watch the video camera live please.
Kaelin, Grants Pass ★★TinyKittens Live
Hello, Every night for at least an hour I watch your live camera, I must note the beauty of the bird world by day and the animals by night, Thank you so much. post Scriptum. How can I send you a very interesting picture from your camera?
Joseph Ringler, jerusalem ★★★★★Bird feeder webcam in Pretoria, South Africa
Best eyes in Denmark.
Herbert Kenneth Chew, United States Webcam in the forest in Denmark
The racoon enjoys eating so much of the food at night. I enjoy all these webcams.
Diane, Auckland ★★★★★Ryan's Bird Buffet Webcam, Brownville
What kinda camera are you using and is it possible to see a pic of it, love you setup and all the animals, my grand daughter loves watching it
Mike, Starbuck MN ★★★★★Ryan's Bird Buffet Webcam, Brownville
What has scared the Oryx and the other wildlife at the Namib Desert Lodge waterhole?
Carol Knight, London ★★★★Webcam at a watering hole in the Namib Desert, Namibia
This is the best I have ever seen. Beautiful birds. Thank you and God bless you for doing this for the Birds. I love to watch them every day. Thank you very much !!!
Tina, Mannheim Germany ★★★★★Bird feeder webcam in Pretoria, South Africa
Love the beautiful birds, miss south africa!
Eben Van Rooyen, Eagle Lake, minnesota, united statesBird feeder webcam in Pretoria, South Africa
Is this live or recorded footage?
Richard Cant, MinneapolisBrooks Falls Webcam
I looked up pictures on the internet... was that a serval?
Lovely to see thank you
Stephen Harrison, BedfordBird feeder webcam in Pretoria, South Africa
We will be visiting Katmai on August 4th and 5th . What are the chances of bears still being at the falls then. The video is fantastic love watching it
Dion costello, PittsburghBrooks Falls Webcam
Camera operator appears to be sleeping! Giraffe walks past the camera and he/she then focus on some Impala in the distance. Really!
Philip Bernard Joubert, JohannesburgDjuma Game Reserve Webcam
Thanks for a great webcam. Is it possible to ask the operator where to move the camera? Sometimes I can hear sounds close to the Webcam but the operator appears to be scouting in faraway places.
Philip Bernard Joubert, JohannesburgDjuma Game Reserve Webcam
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