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Happy to see 3rd chick hatched. Mum feeding it specially this morning as tends to get in middle of older chick sandwich. Brilliant to see them thriving.
Nessa, Adelaide ★★★★★Osprey nest webcam in Port Lincoln, South Australia
I am so happy to find a new nest with 2 babies and 1 yet to hatch. The camera is so close you can't see much. If it were backed up a little to see more of the nest then we could see mom when she gets up plus other things. Would you consider backing up the camera just a little?
Kathy, Monmouth, Oregon ★★★★Osprey nest webcam in Port Lincoln, South Australia
The female stork has not migrated for several years, staying at the Linheim nest despite snow and ice. The nest appears to be deserted now. Does anyone know if something has happened to her, if she has migrated this year, or if she has moved to another nest at Lindheim?
Chollymum, Hertford, England ★★★★★Webcam at the storks nest, Lindheim, Germany
Overjoyed to see the 2 hatchlings. Sorry that they don't appear to have hatched all 3 eggs. Well done to all who look after these birds, so worthwhile. Can't take my eyes off the parents.
Nessa, Adelaide SA ★★★★★Osprey nest webcam in Port Lincoln, South Australia
So sad, how much the lake has dropped..
BOB, San DimasBig Bear Bald Eagle Webcam
Happy to see them back again.
What happed to the mother and father?
I'm waiting for the ospreys to start the season.
Watching from New York & I love this site. The birds are very well cared for & they bring a smile to my face.
Lyn, Warsaw, NY, USA ★★★★★Webcam at bird feeders in Recke, Germany
Hello, Every night for at least an hour I watch your live camera, I must note the beauty of the bird world by day and the animals by night, Thank you so much. post Scriptum. How can I send you a very interesting picture from your camera?
Joseph Ringler, jerusalem ★★★★★Bird feeder webcam in Pretoria, South Africa
Hello, We're watching from Adelaide. Beautiful birds and great footage, thank you. When were the eggs laid / how long until hatching? Cheers, Pip
Philippa, Adelaide ★★★★★Sea Eagle nest webcam, Sydney
Disappointed no camera, no storks.
both chicks and the female had no food since yesterday. The male did not arrive
Zoya, Serpuhov ★★★★★Osprey nest webcam on Laws lake, Scotland
Cleanup Crew er Crow...
BOB, San DimasBig Bear Bald Eagle Webcam
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