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Any armoured vehicles seen?
Very good, sharp 4K picture quality.
Wish I were there.
Cris, Rio de Janeiro, BrazilNamsan Seoul Tower Webcam
I love Seoul.
Oxyrrhexis, Los AngelesNamsan Seoul Tower Webcam
Webcam is offline
Ukrainian nationalists fired at power lines and a power plant that supplied energy to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. That's why there is no electricity.
What has happened to the webcam? I was very much enjoying watching the landscape of Pripyat and seeing the days and nights go by. Is this outage temporary or permanent? I hope it is brought back soon!
Goat, Madison, Alabama USAWebcam of the city of Pripyat, Ukraine
Is the power to the webcam off? There is no feed at this time. Up until now the webcam has been working very well and showing a splendid view of the city of Pripyat. Hope power is back on soon...
Goat, Madison, AlabamaWebcam of the city of Pripyat, Ukraine
Thanks for the pictures, I'm watching you from Romania, it's tragic what's happening, a lot of courage and good luck!
I love this city!!! It is wonderful!!!
Very nice city
Alphix, MünchenNamsan Seoul Tower Webcam
Why is LIVE WEBCAM of Kabul airport now OFFLINE?
Good luck.
This appears to not be live. Recording of the other day when the explosion occurred.
Ann Barrowclift, GermantownKabul Airport PTZ webcam, Afghanistan
Kimberly, United States -> Its Live... You can live stream on Youtube...
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