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Excellent spot to see wild animals.
Philippe, Paris ★★★★★Pete's Pond Live Cam
Thanks for the wonderful webcam! It's fun to look at and practice my REEF fish ID skills, while waiting for my dive trip to start!
Donna, Anchorage, AK ★★★★★Bonaire Underwater Webcam
Thank you very much for the opportunity to see such beauty. Great camera!
Nadia, Sochi, Russia ★★★★★Saint-Malo PTZ webcam, France
Great site and facility, but the view is often of the sky or something of little interest, can the camera be adjusted? Cheers
Steve, Chester ★★★★Hastings Old Town Webcam
Yikes-where's the water? I haven't got to watch in a long time and sure is different! Still love the place though.
Wendy, Dayton ★★★★★Djuma Game Reserve Webcam
Is the Webcom connected in Bonaire at "something special" Dive site, as of April 12, 2018?
Beth Beson, Chicago, Il ★★★Bonaire Underwater Webcam
So, the cam is working well but the sound is terrible. There is a loud snapping that sounds to me like the electric fence. Sadly, I have to turn the sound completely off. If I recall correctly, electric fence snapping can be filtered out. Is this being fixed?
Douglas, Eureka, CA USAPete's Pond Live Cam
Can you zoom in on the snake across the river at the edge of the river?
Colleen, Collinsville ★★★★★African animal lookout webcam
Does not work.
William Pondit, CaracasPete's Pond Live Cam
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