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So glad your back!!! My Zen has returned..
Devildog, SlotownBonaire Underwater Webcam
Wow .... they are active tonight !!! First time since I have been watching that the big fish are so active .
Jeffory, Columbus, Ms. ★★★★★Bonaire Underwater Webcam
Ah needs me a Halibut...
Carloada, Anytown ★★★★★Blue Cavern Webcam
Has the octopus taken up the flute? I must have missed the move from the brain coral nest to the cage. What happened?
Holly, Philadelphia ★★★★★Bonaire Underwater Webcam
Divers, stop touching the coral!
Stephanie Roche, BaldwinBonaire Underwater Webcam
The best thing ever I like your webcam and how I can watch my favorite sea animals!!!
Ally, No ★★★★★Open Sea Cam
Love Love Love Bonaire!!! can't be there but wow is this amazing to be able to see and enjoy! Thank you!
Jeff Gundersen, Edgartown Massachusetts, USA ★★★★★Bonaire Underwater Webcam
Love this camera. Lately the camera is dirty, but is the best.
Rey, Cape Coral, Florida ★★★★★PTZ underwater webcam off the island of Hawaii
Today is completely dark. I guest that today I'll miis my show.
Rey, Cape Coral, Florida, USA ★★★★★Bonaire Underwater Webcam
My kids love this cam!
Elizabeth, Birmingham ★★★★★Open Sea Cam
I used to loved it but right now it is not good.
Reinaldo, Cape CoralCoral City webcam, Miami
Wonderful to watch again.
Meryl, AmsterdamBonaire Underwater Webcam
I love this! I keep it on at all times!
Jamison Myers, Choconut PACoral City webcam, Miami
I just enjoyed watching the cleaning of the housing. Unable to get to Bonaire this year, but we will be back.
Bill Tennessen, MilwaukeeBonaire Underwater Webcam
Great webcam. Watching a beautiful octipussy right now. But someone just switched to black and white, instead of colour, for some reason. Can't wait to go back.
John, Ottawa, CanadaBonaire Underwater Webcam
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