Webcams in Antarctic

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There are no live cams of the antartic. You put up still shots of your choosing. This is just pointless.
Megan, Hubbard South Pole Live Camera
This is pretty hopeless. To get some kind of understanding you need to have a historical log of all the photos over the last 24 hours compiled into a slide show so an interested person could click through them very fast to see what a day would look like in condensed time. Then if this historical data was combined over 365 days and viewed very fast so it could become like a movie so I could see the daily changes over a year. Just showing a still shot every 10 or 15 minutes is useless. Not worth a cracker. If you are not collecting these photos to build something like what I've suggested what is the point of it. Just a big waste if time and money. In fact I was really expecting to have seen what I have suggested because it's just common sense that that's what would have been done. Maybe you do keep these photos and it never occurred to you that they could be put to better use. If they are available and I just haven't seen how to find them on this site yet please let me know. Sorry if I sound a bit frustrated and annoyed but I am to be honest. Please direct me to where they are I would be very appreciative if you could assist.
Adrian Seresheff, Upper Coomera, Gold Coast, Queensland. South Pole Live Camera
Charlize, Cascade LocksSouth Pole Live Camera
Not working!
Chris Koentopp, LetterkennyRRS Ernest Shackleton Research Ship Webcam
I'm a agricultural engineer. I like it penguin live.
Baran Akgün, Turkey, AdanaPenguin Webcam 1, Antarctica
The cam doesn't appear to be working. The time still shows 1410 hrs which was 30 mins ago and there is no cloud drift.
David, Winter Haven, Florida USAGerman Antarctic Receiving Station Webcam
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