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Hi, I have been watching the Falcon for some time now. Watched both chicks fly from the nest today. 14/11/2024
Bruce, Hobart, Tasmania ★★★★★Peregrine falcon nest webcam, Orange
The hatched around the 28/29 September 2023
Scott, Adelaide ★★★★Peregrine falcon nest webcam, Orange
I'm wondering on what date did these babies hatch. If anyone can tell me, I'd appreciate it.
Paula, Nambour ★★★★★Peregrine falcon nest webcam, Orange
Can anyone see the figure walking on the ground can be seen at left on the ground. Looks quite ghostly.
Enjoying the live streaming of the nest, feeding and general activity. I have a look every day as well I check the Falcons in Orange NSW. Fascinating
John, Sydney ★★★★Sea Eagle nest webcam, Sydney
Aircraft noise must be unsettling for them.
Martin, Victor Harbor ★★★★★Sea Eagle nest webcam, Sydney
Enjoyed every minute, just like last year.
Richard, Adelaide AustraliaWebcam at the peregrine falcon nest, Melbourne
I absolutely love this camera view of these wonderful birds, thankyou for this camera!
Christine Evans, Worthing, Sussex, EnglandPeregrine falcon nest webcam, Orange
Is it possible to have a split screen showing both camera views now that the chicks are active at both ends of the ledge?
Why is the chick keep doing this.I think the adults do this to cool down would the chick be doing this.
Liz andrew, Nicholson victoriaPeregrine falcon nest webcam, Orange
Wonderful to see these beautiful birds! Thankyou :)
Christine Evans, WorthingPeregrine falcon nest webcam, Orange
Where are the peregrine chicks?
Where is the 3rd chick?
Please find out what is dangling on the ledge. Right now 13-10-2022 Thu 21:20:33. Appears to be like a fishing lure…it is worrisome. Thx.
Congratulations to the Mum and Dad!! Such a cute wee one! My only concern is if Naby is getting enough to eat. From Southern California.
Katherine Coronado, Beaumont, CaliforniaPeregrine falcon nest webcam, Orange
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