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Please put the basket of seeds back so we can see the little birds.
Why aren't the birds being fed any more?
So happy to see this webcam back ready for winter. Thank you so much.
Anne, Kirkwall ★★★★★Webcam at the bird feeder in Makov Center
Please bring back the white storks. I've been watching since nesting, mating, egg hatching. I love watching them. The black storks are beautiful too, but I like my other storks more. Thank you.
Is the stork on an egg?
Good morning from Orkney, Scotland
Good morning from Orkney, Scotland. I love this webcam.
Great pictures and sound.
Hi Ruth, don't worry, the partner is there :) Today (June 7th) they change the babysitting part around 11:58. You can also check this webcam on Facebook where you can translate the polnish comments with google translate for example.
What happened to two of the chicks? I hope they are being cared for.
Bruce Kovac, Canandaigua, New York USAWebcam at the bird feeder in Makov Center
Tree sparrows, collared dove, middle-spotted and great-spotted woodpeckers, marsh, great, blue and coal tits, nuthatch, jay. Others include white stork, greylag goose, pheasant (rehabilitated). Mammals include roe deer, rabbit, friendly Homo sapiens (Czech subspecies!).
I know they shouldn't have been invading the birds' space, but I do wonder what became of the long-eared squirrels who used to appear at the feeder? They were kind of cute, for squirrels, but they seem to have disappeared completely.
Great and blue tit bird also a deer
Tony Turner-- just saw your 5/27 post below-- today is 7/16 and it's 9:30 pm at night in los angeles, ca.(daylight in Czech R.) and i see 4 rather grown Juveniles and one Adult--- rumaging around the Nest-- so i guess one fear was unfounded-- happy for that! what a Huge Nest-- also love the nightime IR pickup.
Hello! Is this webcam broken? Why is it always off line lately?
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