Webcams in Eurasia: birds

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AMAZING! i absolutely love it! this is a very rare sighting and a great camera placement! THANKYOU!
Latvias Citizen Roberts, Riga ★★★★★Webcam at the Golden Eagles Nest, Latvia
I'm worried about Quattro, the last one to arrive - he/she seems so much smaller than the others. I hope there won't be a case of infanticide in Bohuslavice.
Hello, watching from USA. Is this stork alone? No partner? How does it feed? Ist dieser Storch alleine? Kein Partner? Wie bekommt der Storch Futter? Please respond.
Where is one off the baby's?
Evaline, Groningen ★★★Webcam at white-tailed eagle nest
The second eagle brought a young bird of prey into the nest and the third smallest young sea eagle was thrown from the nest. I couldn't see who did it, was it the siblings or the parents? I only saw (and took a screenshot) when it was already hanging on the edge of the nest. One of the parents tried to get him back up but didn't succeed.
Andi, Zuerich Switzerland ★★★★★Webcam at white-tailed eagle nest
I never see them getting fed
The webcam is not Live. It is from May 2. Why is that?
Hansgorh, StockholmWebcam in goshawk nests
Fabulous to see these beautiful birds going about their business. Thank you!
Jon Morris, HolstebroWebcam at white-tailed eagle nest
Ken Mcniffe, Chester ★★★★★Webcam in goshawk nests
So good.
What's happened?
Unable to give 5 stars. Why?
Marsha McGhee, Agoura Hills ★★★★★Webcam at white-tailed eagle nest
I've seen pheasants, jays, Green finch, Robin, three types of titmice, Bright woodpecker, House sparrow, Blackbird and Nuthatch.
David, Phoenix, Arizona ★★★★★Webcam at the bird feeder in Makov Center
Why is the nest falling apart?
Monica, ÖstersundWebcam at white-tailed eagle nest
Thank you! I appreciate the high resolution video and very good sound quality. This web cam enables one to have a private window upon an evolving miracle. It is a gift from the Universe, as are all of you who make it possible. The forest, nest and its inhabitants are beautiful and amazing. The best part is that it doesn't have any negative impact upon the spotted eagles or their habitat. I am grateful for your accomplishment. Thank you for sharing this enchanting place!
Judith, Honolulu ★★★★★Webcam near the spotted eagle's nest, central Latvia
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