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Our Dear Lady of Lourdes.Please intercede for me to help me get through this difficult time.Also for those experiencing mental and/or physical ailments,financial difficulties,effects of war,natural disasters.May the find strength and peace.
Please pray that God will have mercy and heal me or at least stop this supposedly incurable Pulmonary Fibrosis from getting any worse. I offer praise for His keeping me alive so far.
Robert, Atlanta ★★★★★Live webcam of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes
Please pray for all in the world. Also for me as im going through a challenging time in my life god bless all.
Please place your hand on my mom and dad in heaven. Give them peace and comfort. Let them know their children are okay. Also, place your hand on the family who is left on Earth. Give us all peace, happiness, and love for each other.
Please may I request urgent prayers for my best friends mum 2hohas cancer who had took turn for worst may when God come to get her he may take her straight to peace her dad also has cancer at min and they lost there son last year may I please beg for ur prayers for this family il be eternally grateful xx
Angela Moore, Londonderry IrelandLive webcam of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes
Please pray that Donna's Vietnamese Catholic friends find housing on the Feast of the Assumption. Thank you JMJ.
Patricia, Crossville, TN ★★★★★Live webcam of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes
Holy Mary, please carry my petition to God to heal the family estrangement and to heal my thyroid disease.
Our blessed lady of Lourdes. Please pray for baby Logan to be healed mentally. And for his mother Renee to find peace and happiness
Mary, my Mother. three years ago you interceded and brought my heart back ti the Church, Thank you always. I ask for the protection from evil and illness in my daughters family, her boys, husband and self. Please protect Holden in Rome.
Nancy, Middletown US ★★★★★Live webcam of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes
Any armoured vehicles seen?
Our Lady of Lourdes please help my dear friend Lucy, and her husband Jamie, to cope with her terminal diagnosis. Grant them courage, and peace at the end.
Sally Nicholls, Cooksbridge, LewesLive webcam of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes
Dear Our Lady of Lourdes please help my dad who is suffering terribly. Please help his chest to get better and allow him to stay with us for a little longer or take the pain away. We place our trust in you.
My Lady of Lourdes, Please take my dead mom and sister to the heaven.
Our Lady of Lourdes please pray and heal Danielle who is currently on life support machine which will be switched off anytime soon. Please Mama Mary heal her and give her good health.
Dearest Mother off Jeaus, please help me here the pain that I'm having every waking hour, I view it as a gift from your dear son and in my daily prayers I never ask Him to take it away only that I can cope with it. Some nights I just cannot sleep and lie awake all night. Prayers for all as I lie on my bed of pain. My poor health will prevent me from visiting you this year, all my love from Louisa XXX
Louisa Dorian, Durham Uk ★★★★★Live webcam of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes
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