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High quality camera. During the day, the colors of the buildings and sky are amazing. Fun to watch the morning commute.
Sharon, Sacramento ★★★★★Webcam on Volodya Golovaty Street, Krasnodar
Mislabeled cam. No water to be found, just a picture of a house and road
Why are the locals so sloppy to the surroundings? How can you scatter so much garbage where you walk?
For the webcam at Shotman and Railway, in Petrozavodsk, Russia, I just get a message that "This plug-in isn't supported" I don't know what plug-in I need to download? Also, there is no 3 digit code for the picture, but then there is also no picture. Please show the type of plug-in that is required. Thanks.
Bruce, the webcam has been updated. Now everything should work.
Bruce Hauschild, Lincoln, NE, USACrossroads Shotman - Railway
This is way past the intersection.
Surinam, VoronezhWebcam on Enthusiasts Highway
Any armoured vehicles seen?
Very good, sharp 4K picture quality.
Great footage
Robert - the tunnels allow the people to cross Nevsky safely as it turns left and right to come up on all four corners of Nevsky and Sadovaya.
Simon Cawte, Sydney, Australia ★★★★★Nevsky Prospekt Webcam
Stayed around the corner in Italianskaya Ulitsa and also just up the road in the opposite direction at a place called Sapphire Hotel across from Gostiny Dvor. Love SPB!
Simon Cawte, Sydney, Australia ★★★★★Webcam with a view of Nevsky Prospect and Anichkov Palace
38 deg. cent. today in Adelaide south Australia. Looks beautifull. Great TV.
Richard, Adelaide Australia ★★★★★Webcam overlooking the Church of the Resurrection of Christ in Usinsk
Robert, you need this webcam.
Michael, Saint-PetersburgNevsky Prospekt Webcam
Could you please add the date and temperature? Love this sight!
Please bring back the Nevsky webcam. Showing ordinary Russians coming up from out of the underground was the perfect way to get a sense of the Russian soul.
Robert, ChicagoNevsky Prospekt Webcam
Uses obsolete flash technology, which is dead for many ears already, please upgrade.
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