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Excellent sound. Unfortunately webcams with sound are as rare as underrated from the hosts as well as from the visitors. To watch mute webcams ist like sitting in a classical concert with deaf ears. So I am very thankful for your heartwarming exception.
Norbert, near Munich, GermanySylvester Square Webcam, Bevagna, Italy
I keep your web cam up so that I feel connected to you all. Whenever I hear air sirens I start to pray my rosary and ask the Blessed Mother to protect you all with her mantle.
Please be safe everyone My thoughts are with you all.
Thank you for getting the camera up and running again. I watched all last night and will be watching again tonight to have some idea about the state of things in Kiev in these terrible times.
Thanks for the pictures, I'm watching you from Romania, it's tragic what's happening, a lot of courage and good luck!
Seems very quite here at this time
This makes up for not being there in person. Thank you for making it available. I am looking in every day. I pray for all in Assisi every day.
Christine Lidgley, TruroWebcam on Piazza del Comune in Assisi
Enjoying the webcam !
Thoms Hayworth, High Point, N.C. USAWebcam on the Maidan (Independence Square) in Kyiv
The view shown is no longer valid. Sadly the drinking fountain in the foreground is now excluded.
Fred Blogs, LondonPiazza Navona Webcam
What are they celebrating? I wish I was there.
Mary Celeste, Lebanon IlWebcam on Piazza del Comune in Assisi
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