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I used to loved it but right now it is not good.
Reinaldo, Cape CoralCoral City webcam, Miami
I love this! I keep it on at all times!
Jamison Myers, Choconut PACoral City webcam, Miami
Your doing an excellant job!!! Thank you
I try not to miss this every Friday and Saturday. Could say Vivid......Can not afford to go....yep.But these are good seats and the bar is in the Frig.To those who served or are serving. Jack a drink.
Bill Martino, Mount Ephraim. New Jersey 08059Two Friends Karaoke Live Cam, Key West, Florida
Still streaming the same image from 22nd December.
Christian Elder, PERTHDeerfield Beach underwater webcam
This webcam is not showing live which is a shame as I love to watch it
Christian Elder, PERTH ScotlandDeerfield Beach underwater webcam
It‘ very dirty , so you can‘t see anything. Yesterday ist was much better.
Anni, Germany, HannoverDeerfield Beach underwater webcam
Hi Tim...system sounds great..I'll be joining Bill and Rich back in Town 10/13 .tell Bill and Rich I would like to hear them sing My Little Buttercup from the Three Amigos Al
Hi your audio is terrible. Way over modulated and booming in a bad way. Listen to it on a system, it is not understandable at all. Please lower the audio going to the camera. If there is no adjustment, try placing something over the microphone to cut down the sound. I am sure it sounds good in person, but through the mic, is really bad. Sorry. The video part is fine though.
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