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Most blessed Mother of God, on Friday I visited my Oncologist who said there was no trace of cancer that can be seen on my CT scan, this is good news, thank you so very much. Two weeks ago, my wife Jennifer was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma which is cancer of the bone marrow. She started treatment as of last Tuesday June 6 and is scheduled for surgery to strengthen her left femur June 16. I request your blessings on Jennifer.
Most blessed Mother of God and Mother of us poor sinners, please obtain for me a cure of cancer if it is His holy will, and most of all asked for the conversion, perseveration and reconciliation of my children and grandchildren, so that we may one day all be together in heaven with Him and You. And, please, Holy Mother, pray for the souls of my loved ones who have departed this world. You know who they are and you love them, too.
Dear Mother Mary Thank you for all of your blessings
Dear Mary pray for the healing of my brother Desmond and sister Bernadette. Pray for a financial blessing.
Saint Bernadette pray for my severely disabled grandson James who smiles all the time. Believing in the miracle of our Lady of Lourdes, and thanking our for his healing grace. Amen
Paula Hamby, Henning, Tennessee USALive webcam of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes
Dear Mother Mary, thank you for always being with me and blessing me.
Joseph M. Garofolo, Miami, FL USA ★★★★★Live webcam of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes
Dear Mother of God, you are the most Blessed Mother of all mothers all over the world. We know very well that our sins makes you suffer a lot. I praise you to go in front of your Son Jesus Christ and tell him to forgive us our sins. Hope one day I will have the opportunity to meet you all up there and where all this sufferings will disappear forever.
Our Lady of Lourdes, intercede for a peaceful and happy resolution to my problems at work and for a favourable outcome for my grievance, that is favourable to me and pleasing to our Lord. May I and all who suffer in toxic work, or school or home environments be delivered from our afflictions and those who are afflicting us. May the Lord cleanse me/ us from our sins. I ask this in Jesus’ name to fulfill the words that “by this my Father is glorified that you bear much fruit and so prove to be my disciple.” Amen. Blessed Mother pray for us.
Shirley Mary, Vancouver ★★★★★Live webcam of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes
I can't believe this is available. I thank you so very much. It means so much to see Lourdes in real time that I can't believe this is truly Lourdes. I will though. I want to.
Cathy Stacchini, Cliffside Park ★★★★★Live webcam of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes
Pray for our son who is in the United States Air Force that he will be able to complete his active service to our country for one more year before retiring.
Our Lady of Lourdes, I ask you for health for me, my daughter and godchildren in the name of your beloved son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Queen of all creation, please intercede for us. Amen.
Jeannette Medina, Palm Beach Gardens ★★★★★Live webcam of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes
Holy Mary Mother of God and mother of us all .Please pray to your Son Jesus to intercede to the Holy Father for all those who ask this special day for healing of Heath and mind . Please guide my son in making the choices in his life that are good and wholesome. Please guide him in making the right choices in search for college . My fear is he stray from loving you . Help our world and all those who are suffering . Send your Holy Angels to defend us in this evil world . I pray for strength to do Gods will please pray for my family and me as well . Thank you most Beautiful and Loving mother .
Mother Mary, thank you for our friend’s improvement with covid today. ❤️ Please continue prayers that he will soon be well and home with his family. Prayers for special intentions, conversions and priests. Thank you, Jesus, for family’s swift recovery from covid. May You be forever praised.
Pat, United States ★★★★Live webcam of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes
Thank you for all your blessings our Lady of Lourdes. We ask you to intercede for me as I have a few health issues. Please keep us in good health and blessings to all my family and friends.
Our Lady of Lourdes we thank you for all the blessings which you have showered on us. Please Our Lady bless my boy with a suitable partner in his life and a family of his own. Please keep us all in good health and bless my friends too. Thank you Our Lady.
Fatima D'Souza, England ★★★★★Live webcam of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes
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