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I have thought, for some time, that the female who overwintered at the nest may have been the youngest survivor of last year’s brood. If so, I believe that she & her partner don't yet have names. Having watched some of their attempts at nest -building, I suggest something similar to ‘Laurel’ & ‘Hardy’!
Chollymum, Hertford ★★★★★Webcam at the storks nest, Lindheim, Germany
I presume that most of the local storks have flown south so which one is still using the nest? Do many, if any, storks overwinter in Germany?
Chollymum, Hertford ★★★★★Webcam at the storks nest, Lindheim, Germany
I never see them getting fed
What's happened?
Wustrow is located between the Baltic Sea and the Saaler Bodden. On the one hand, Wustrow is characterized by the kilometers of sandy beaches , the dune landscape with the coastal protection forests and the view over the expanses of the Bodden, as well as by the Wustrower Fischer- und Kapitänshäuser built in brick construction. But the imposing church on Burgwall, the seafaring school and the centuries-old Lindenalleen also create a pleasant flair.
Mark, MannheimOstseebad Wustrow webcam
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