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In the past few years, apart from occasionally roosting at night, once the young have fully fledged, they aren’t seen on camera again. This evening, there was obvious niggling aggression between two of the three birds on the nest. We wait to see if “mum” overwinters in Germany, as she has been doing in recent years? A screenshot of her, in quite deep snow, once featured as one of my Christmas cards!
Chollymum, Hertford & CezaisWebcam at the storks nest, Lindheim, Germany
From the shadow that is occasionally visible, the nest appears to be atop a very, very tall, industrial-type chimney. After the breeding season, the ground below must be covered in guarno - a great fertilizer but not so good for camera lenses! Perhaps the camera should be mounted a little higher, next year.
Chollymum, Hertford & CezaisWebcam at the storks nest, Lindheim, Germany
Watching and waiting - they should be flying off pretty soon now! Wondering how high up this nest is? I wouldn't want to be that person up on the ladder earlier this spring! I was so devastated when the one chick was booted from the nest. Mother Nature is hard to watch sometimes.
JoAnn, Pennsylvania ★★★★★Webcam at the storks nest, Lindheim, Germany
It wouldn't surprise me if a parent threw out the weakling. It happened at this nest with a previous brood; then, the 3 bigger youngsters had been tormenting their smaller sibling & it seemed a kindness to end its misery. This year, the 4th chick seemed quite feisty.
Chollymum, Hertford & CezaisWebcam at the storks nest, Lindheim, Germany
Please do not break my heart and tell me the 4th and smallest of the young storks (who seemed just fine), was not rescued by whoever was in the May video cleaning around the nest area, and removing debris from the baby storks themselves. He was wearing a blue glove on his left hand. The title of that video was "Rescue Operation."
Patricia, USA ★★★★★Webcam at the storks nest, Lindheim, Germany
I emailed several weeks ago asking, and I'm asking again: What became of the 4th, the smallest of the young storks. I saw a still partial picture weeks ago of what looked like a man reaching into the nest, putting a blue vest-type cover on the smallest of the 4 storks. Is this accurate?? Was the smallest of the 4 young storks removed from the nest for its safety and health?? Please respond to my email!
Patricia Hawkins, USA ★★★★★Webcam at the storks nest, Lindheim, Germany
One parent threw it out of the nest.
I am worried and concerned. Where is the fourth, the smallest of the baby storks?? Why am I seeing only three of them in the nest?
What happened to the 4 chick?? I only see 3 now.
Chollymum - I wondered about the 5th egg as well. I thought it had cracked and we were going to have 5th chick. But no. Did rewind several times but could not work out what happened. Very sad - and puzzling. We do have 3 good sized chicks to watch - and 1 quite a bit smaller - and I shall worry about the little one.....!!
The 5th egg seemed to disappear 2 days ago - does anyone know if it hatched, was broken (unlikely) or was evicted by one of the adults?
4 May - aaahhh - now we've got 4 little chicks - and the sun is shining so it's lovely and warm.
2 May; during last night 1 May, or early hours of 2 May - we got another chick - now there's 3 in the nest..sweet.
29 April - 2 chicks !! - 1 little one just escaped egg mid-afternoon to join the first one. (Shame no time stamp on this cam). And tomorrow......
26 April 2023. Well, we have a repeat of last year - there are 5 eggs again this spring. Fingers crossed everyone.
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