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Webcam has been off since yesterday morning
Raachel R, CardiffWebcam at ol Donyo Lodge, Kenya
Fabulous animals. Clear pictures 24 hours per day.
Alice, Nottingham ★★★★★Webcam at ol Donyo Lodge, Kenya
Thank you so much for the sound!!!
Are they poaching????
Fake fake fake....!!!!!
Pat, StockholmAfrican Safari Webcam
Not LIVE at all!!!
Pat, StockholmAfrican Safari Webcam
I envy your hippos. Bathe. Have a rest. And in Moscow we already have snow.
Do you also have such Live Cams for snakes, for instance in caves where snakes may be found or where ever? Why I´m asking? I like to do them Reiki or may be try spiritual healing which makes them become aware of that heat energy and they then would come closer to the cam. I did that once in a ZOO, with K-Reiki and that snake woke up, snapping it´s Tongue and about to start to move towards me :-)
Woitec, NurembergAfrican Safari Webcam
Can you zoom in on the snake across the river at the edge of the river?
Colleen, CollinsvilleAfrican animal lookout webcam
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