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I do not understand why the video shows all of the city shaking a bit but the clouds do not move at all.
Russia is destined to win, and it will free the Ukrainian people from the deceitful government that has seized power there in behalf of the imperious NATO warmongers. The world is being lied to by the NATO governments and their obedient puppets in the Ukrainian government. The truth will eventually arise, and expose the deceitful nature of the Western governments and their media.
Praying for Ukraine
Ukraine is in all our thoughts. The world is united in its support for you. Love and best wishes from Germany and Britain!
I keep your web cam up so that I feel connected to you all. Whenever I hear air sirens I start to pray my rosary and ask the Blessed Mother to protect you all with her mantle.
We can see check-points now... God be with you...
Please be safe everyone My thoughts are with you all.
Looks pretty peaceful there......???
Ukraine I am with you.
Thank you for doing this!! Be safe and I’m praying for everyone that’s still there in the city
David Trojanowski, Milwaukee WisconsinWebcam in one of the residential areas of Kiev, Ukraine
Thank you for getting the camera up and running again. I watched all last night and will be watching again tonight to have some idea about the state of things in Kiev in these terrible times.
Refugee shelters. We ask that you pass this on to your social media, we stand by you and your families.
Thanks for the pictures, I'm watching you from Romania, it's tragic what's happening, a lot of courage and good luck!
This is hauntingly creepy. There is no one here. They have evacuated.
John Smith, SpringfieldKISS FM webcam
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