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Smaller birds trying to mob eagles off nest at around 15.50. Both birds protecting nest.
well sadly today 23rd march 2022 an imposter white tailed eagle came onto the nest whilst the eggs were being incubated and scared the sitting bird off while the imposter then proceeded to break the eggs and eat them. very sad outcome
Tzena english, Cumbria united kingdomWebcam at white-tailed eagle nest
First egg layed 15th March 2022.
Tzena English, Cumbria,United KingdomWebcam at white-tailed eagle nest
First egg laid today 15/3/22 at 1637, hopefully there will be more eggs laid and all will survive this year.
Cleve E., Vancouver WA USAWebcam at white-tailed eagle nest
Very tragic news. I started watching this year but i must say rip little ones and to the regulars on this cam, i am so sorry.
Featherlady, BirdsboroWebcam at white-tailed eagle nest
I am wondering if there is a food shortage. It almost seems as tho they deliberately stayed off them to eat. I am glad i did not get a chance to watch yesterday. Thank you for all the information Tzena.
Featherlady, BirdsboroWebcam at white-tailed eagle nest
Is the season over for this year, or can they start all over again?
Lars, Skåne SwedenWebcam at white-tailed eagle nest
And its now highly unlikely that the remaining egg will hatch, it likely froze to dеаth when the 2 eaglets did. Devastated for them.
Tzena English, Cumbria, United KingdomWebcam at white-tailed eagle nest
Yesterday both chickens where dead caused by snow and no protection from parents?
Both eaglets are now dead, not sure if from being left alone in freezing snowy weather, or just meant to be. An adult has now eaten them. I was so looking forward to them growing up like the two from last year. One egg left, but time may be running out.
Cleve Ellis, Vancouver, WAWebcam at white-tailed eagle nest
Oh no, what happened to the babies?
Patricia Bullers, RinggoldWebcam at white-tailed eagle nest
Well what a very sad outcome, the 2 chicks were left this morning at 6.22am it was cold sleeting and rain throughout on and off the time they were left. By 6.44am 1 adult bird back at the nest side, no sitting on chicks to keep them warm, babies were still moving . By 7.50am 1 adult bird still on nest side, no movement from chicks. By 8.51 more rain and 1 adult bird still on nest side. By 9.01 more sleet and rain, no one at the nest. By 9.05 the chicks are dead and being plucked by adult eagle. By 9.14 after the adult bird has plucked the chicks, it decides to sit on remaining egg. So sad at this outcome, the female has never been settled on nest throughout this years brooding properly really, was very surprised when eggs actually hatched but for then this to happen, is devastating.
Tzena English, Cumbria United KingdomWebcam at white-tailed eagle nest
Kids are left alone for long times in cold and snow. Freezing to death while one parent is sitting nearby. The adult then eats them up ...
24th April 2021 second eaglet has hatched out overnight.
Tzena English, Cumbria, United KingdomWebcam at white-tailed eagle nest
22nd April 2021 second egg showing signs of hatching out, so should be 2 eaglets later today or definitely by tomorrow.
Tzena English, Cumbria UKWebcam at white-tailed eagle nest
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