Webcams in North America: animals

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Thank you for the time, effort (and cost) you give to allow us to share in your beautiful surroundings.
JDB, Narvon ★★★★★Bird Feeder Webcam, Gettysburg, PA
I want to watch the video camera live please.
Kaelin, Grants PassTinyKittens Live
The racoon enjoys eating so much of the food at night. I enjoy all these webcams.
What kinda camera are you using and is it possible to see a pic of it, love you setup and all the animals, my grand daughter loves watching it
Is this live or recorded footage?
Richard Cant, MinneapolisBrooks Falls Webcam
We will be visiting Katmai on August 4th and 5th . What are the chances of bears still being at the falls then. The video is fantastic love watching it
Dion costello, PittsburghBrooks Falls Webcam
There appears to be a dеаdfish just lyin there. Not sure why he's not floating? Will the other fish start еаting him?
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