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The adult turned up later in the day and seemed confused by it's offspring's lack.of response. It was sad but also quite interesting to watch as it spent about an hour alternately staring at the chick and poking/pulling at it with its beak. At first I thought the adult was trying to eat the chick (No wastage in nature), but then it started trying to feed it. After an hour the adult flew off but returned around dusk with more food and had another try at getting a response. I'm surprised the crows hadn't been feeding on it by then, I thought I could hear some in the background.
I know it is nature but still could have been rescued and reared on for release or into a breeding program.
For sociobiology this scenario will/can have a focused intention on family behavior
Brian F, Lafayette Louisiana ★★★★★Webcam at the Golden Eagles Nest, Latvia
Yes, This eaglet has perished as observed The cycle continues with a another chapter
Brian F, Lafayette LouisianaWebcam at the Golden Eagles Nest, Latvia
The young eagle starved, the donat-donat-cam-owners know it since days, those people should never ever pray for help for themselve! "Golden eagles are listed in the Red Book and protected by (sick peoples) law."
this is just so sad, i'm findinng it difficult to watch
Mary Barwick, BridgendWebcam at the Golden Eagles Nest, Latvia
So sad to see that the young eaglet has now Died due to neglect and starvation,Through inexperience. Disappointed that hasn't survived
Tzena english, Cumbria UK ★★★★★Webcam at the Golden Eagles Nest, Latvia
Yes, it hasn't moved at all since last night so it surely is dead. I saw the adult yesterday too but it didn't leave much for the youngster. Time the camera was turned off I think :-(
Heather, England ★★Webcam at the Golden Eagles Nest, Latvia
Looks as though starvation and exposure while weak has caught up with the youngster now. Looks dеаd. Although did see a parent arrive again yesterday with a small morsel of food but obviously not enough. The parent seemed to have a full crop itself.
Saw one of the parents pay a visit today, thought it looked like the male with just a small bird. Did not stay for long, but at least we know a parent is around sometimes. Seemed to be a lot of various species of prey being brought to the nest a few weeks ago and plenty of it. Lets hope all goes well.
Hi again
Vibeke Olsen, Fanø ★★★★★Webcam at osprey nest
Yes thought the same today. Youngster was crying a lot earlier. Must be very hungry after this length of time.
Nest is man made in an area with where prey is not only scarce but a lot of competition for food. Now we have this Golden Eagle nest the experienced male is missing possibly injured or worse dead and a inexperienced Mom with a leg injury. The 7 week old baby is hardly getting any food. A serious consideration since man created this nest in such a poor location these eagles at least the baby should be rescued. You cannot allow the viewers to observe an eaglet starving to death. It will not look good for whoever is in charge of this property.
Ashly McQueen, Denver ★★★Webcam at the Golden Eagles Nest, Latvia
hi, is this normal for the mother to leave the chick for this long, its been 2 days...
Nigel.., lakedistrict, ukWebcam at the Golden Eagles Nest, Latvia
Hi, what just happened??? Yesterday afternoon (18/6-20) there was a healty chick in the nest. Please rewind and find out what had happened... Regards Vibeke.
Vibeke Olsen, FanøWebcam at osprey nest
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