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Very suprised to see first egg hatched overnight. Bearing in mind we noticed the eggs were left on alot of occassions, once over 5 hours, so delighted to see them this morning 21st April 2021.
Tzena English, Cumbria, United KingdomWebcam at white-tailed eagle nest
An egg appearing at ca 16.19 today!
Asan, Stockholm ★★★★★Webcam at white-tailed eagle nest
An egg disappears!
More fluff for the nest and mating!
Patricia Bullers, Ringgold ★★★★★Webcam at white-tailed eagle nest
Hi What type of bird was at ground feeder around 15.20 hrs, looks like a pigeon but not, grey, brown white under beak, white stripes wing area. Thanks
Hi, sorry but I think it doesn't work. I'm so glad because I usually saw it last year.
Ronan, Kemper (Brittany)Webcam at the Golden Eagles Nest, Latvia
This is easily the best Osprey cam I have seen in the UK. I like the way somebody actually controls it now and again, zooming in when something interesting is happening. Well done to all concerned.
Ian Dalgleish, Largs ★★★★★Osprey Nest Webcam in Wales, UK
Superb viewing of this interesting bird. Thank you. The care of the young one and attention to detail Of the nest is fascinating. The adult birds are so "dignified looking" and kind of calm in their behaviour. During this Covid time watching this nest has been a real tonic.
David Black, London ★★★★★Webcam at the greater spotted eagle's nest
I love this wild looking site and the osprey family. So beautiful.
Diana McCoy, Salt Lake City ★★★★★Osprey nest webcam №2 in Estonia
I used to watch this camera regularly and I'm so happy that the nest and family are thriving.
Diana McCoy, Salt Lake City ★★★Osprey nest webcam №2 in Estonia
Beautiful sight on raising ospreys. My compliments and appreciation.
Wieringa, GroningenOsprey Nest Webcam in Wales, UK
Come on you two. Time to try those huge wings and FLEDGE!
Jancux, ScarboroughWebcam at white-tailed eagle nest
Sad and unpleasant as it is to see the deceased chick, I can't help being fascinated by the adult's behaviour. It came to the nest at 09.26 camera time today with a stick, which it placed on the body. The adult then spent the next 90 minutes pecking at the chick, dragging it around the nest and then staring at it for long periods. I may be anthropomorphising but it gave the distinct impression it still thought there might be some response. It left the nest several times for a few minutes only and returned with more foliage. About 10.55 it seemed to reach some kind of decision and started frantically plucking feathers from the corpse. This went on for about another half an hour. It then flew off again and returned at 16.22, when it finally seemed to start making a serious attempt at feeding on the body, although it looked to be consuming more feathers than flesh. I don't know if it is normal for a parent bird to wait so long before beginning to dispose of a deceased offspring?
I see the adult was on the nest again just after 7.30 camera time. It's still trying to feed the deceased chick.
The adult turned up later in the day and seemed confused by it's offspring's lack.of response. It was sad but also quite interesting to watch as it spent about an hour alternately staring at the chick and poking/pulling at it with its beak. At first I thought the adult was trying to eat the chick (No wastage in nature), but then it started trying to feed it. After an hour the adult flew off but returned around dusk with more food and had another try at getting a response. I'm surprised the crows hadn't been feeding on it by then, I thought I could hear some in the background.
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