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Bernhard, the camera does not work because this coastline is regularly bombarded by Ukraine with missiles donated by Europe and the United States.
Your camera should be cleaned and set up again. The camera position is not straight.
Is it possible for the employees not to use protective gloves during the preparation of food for the people of uzas... And touching the tv screen.
Very entertaining, I love garbage
Robert Fico, Zabokreky nad Nitrou ★★★★★Webcam on the M564TS18 garbage truck, Izhevsk
Camera often has buffering problems. Picture stops and starts. It's most interesting on windy weekends.
Sharon, Sacramento ★★Webcam in Little Bay Anapa
High quality camera. During the day, the colors of the buildings and sky are amazing. Fun to watch the morning commute.
Sharon, Sacramento ★★★★★Webcam on Volodya Golovaty Street, Krasnodar
Mislabeled cam. No water to be found, just a picture of a house and road
More fun to watch all the beach goes during the summer. Not a good cam for early evening viewing, as the sun glares right into the camera
Cam shows you the exact weather, including wind direction without even trying.
Fun to watch how the water changes by time of day.
Sharon, USA ★★★★★Webcam overlooking the Golubitskoe Mud Lake
Great camera. Due to placement, you get good pictures at all times of the day. Sunsets are especially good.
Sharon, California ★★★★★Webcam on Mount Ai-Petri, Crimea
Really fun cam when there is wind and all the wind surfers are out. Weekends are espicially busy.
Sharon, SacramentoWebcam in Little Bay Anapa
Hello from Austria!
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