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Disappointed no camera, no storks.
23 June - Still NO live camera feed - what a shame. No one has checked this and put camera back on line - naughty.
18 June - STILL off-line - is there any reason - what's happened to the storklets - hope they're all OK. Where's the camera feed - screen is black - nothing.
16 June - Now what's happened - camera not working - no pictures. Is everything alright with storklets ? Reached interesting stage with wing flexing... - ready for first flight - don't want to miss !!!
3 May - aaahhh - that's better - now on-line. And we can see the chicks - 2 little fluffy chicks - how sweet.
29 April - still off-line - is this permanent then ? No more web-cam ? Shame.
What's happened - off-line from mid-day today - sad......
Cant understand what is the angle or prespective.
Rui Moreira, Marco de CanavezesCumbre Vieja volcano webcam, La Palma, Canary Islands
Watching the live feed on 10/27/021, looks like it is winding down?
Tom Gaige, Chenango Forks, NY USACumbre Vieja volcano webcam, La Palma, Canary Islands
A larger wideangle view, would be better to have a better perspective of the erupcion dimension and location.
Where is the other one is it ok after falling from the nest?
These eaglets are adorable! Is there a chat for this nest?
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