Live webcams in Steinfurt, Germany: birds

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Love the webcams that you have. Last year, great tits started nesting in June in your nestbox at almost the same time that they did in mine, with its camera, in England, so I was able to watch them every day. Fascinating to see both families growing at the same time. A great tit has already started nest building. That's very early, isn't it?
Watching from New York & I love this site. The birds are very well cared for & they bring a smile to my face.
Good day Tomas. And where do hedgehogs sleep in winter? Maybe they lie in the little house for you? Or are they going away?
Beautiful to watch these over last few weeks. But I thought there were 6 chicks - now I can see only 5 - what happened ?
Anne Smith, Bergerac, FranceWebcam in the tit nest, Recke, Germany
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