Atazhukinsky garden

Atazhukinsky garden
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Atazhukinsky garden

Webcam shows Atazhukinsky garden in Nalchik city.

The largest park in the North Caucasus «Atazhukinsky Garden» - the main decoration of the city of Nalchik. 156 tree and shrub species are listed in its tree-lined avenues. On an area of ​​over two hundred hectares of planted plants brought from the North and South of Europe, America and Asia. This unique species of Japanese quince, hmelegraba, Japanese echinated oak, sycamore klenovolistnogo, Canadian Bunduchi, paulownia (Adam Wood), Manchurian walnut, Ruprecht honeysuckle Far East, Amur lilac. In the garden there is a rare specimen - relict bilobed ginkgo, plant appeared on earth six and a half billion years ago.

Park - a favorite vacation spot of both visitors and residents of the republic
Geography: Nalchik. Time zone: GMT+03:00
Broadcast quality: video, 360p. Status: webcam is online (checked).
Category: parks.

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