Big Bear Bald Eagle Webcam

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Big Bear Bald Eagle Webcam

Live webcam shows a nest of a pair of bald eagles in the Big Bear Valley in California. The camera makes it possible to observe birds in real time.

The Bald Eagle Nest camera on the first ever active bald eagle nest in Big Bear Valley. The camera and sound system is solar powered and runs live stream — available to watch 24/7.

This nest is in the San Bernardino National Forest land. It has been in active use since the fall of 2013. The surrounding area is closed to the public during nesting season to protect the eagles — bald eagles have been known to abandon nests when disturbed by humans.

Historically, bald eagles only wintered in Big Bear Valley to find sources of food (waterfowl and fish) not available in the frozen lakes further north. Recently, however, a pair took up year-round residence. In 2012 the «first in recorded history» bald eagle chick was hatched in Big Bear Valley. She was successfully raised to fledge.

Live broadcast from the nest of bald eagles is in high definition Full HD.
Geography: San Bernardino County. Time zone: GMT-07:00
Broadcast quality: video, 1080p, 🔊 with sound. Status: webcam is online (checked a few days ago).
Category: birds.

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Video from this webcam

total: 14
  1. 1-11-2023 We have an egg!
  2. 2
    Hatching moments
  3. 3
    Fiona pops in for a visit, 01-31-2022 (00:40)
  4. 4
    Jackie lays egg #2 of 2nd clutch! (8:00)
  5. 5
    Jackie swallows fishing line eating prey (19:14)
  6. 6
    Jackie lays 1st egg of 2nd clutch! (11:58)
  7. 7
    Ravens consume egg #2
  8. 8
    Jackie lays egg #3!
  9. 9
    Shadow sees egg #2 for the first time! (10:15)
  10. 10
    Jackie lays egg #2
  11. 11
    Ravens eat Jackie & Shadow's egg! (21:47)
  12. 12
    Jackie lays first egg of the 2021 season! (8:03)
  13. 13
    Jackie's Turn To Nip At Shadow's Wing! 10.5.20 (14:28)
  14. 14
    Raven gets the eggs


Looks like the water level is rising. YEA!!
Bob Pouliot, San Dimas // 2023-04-18
Did the camera mount break ?
Mitch, Antelope Acres // 2022-10-27
So sad, how much the lake has dropped..
BOB, San Dimas // 2022-08-10
Cleanup Crew er Crow...
BOB, San Dimas // 2022-07-06
I am beyond grateful for the joy, love and entertainment you all have made possible — FOBBV forever
Sherri, Camarillo // 2022-06-30
What a treasure this has been since March. The parents tending to Spirit. Witnessing Spirits the growth, developing Into young Bald Eagle. Thank you for this tremendous opportunity.
Ross, Laguna Beach // 2022-06-15
WOW!! they split a nice size fish today. But Spirit made sure that she had 1st crack at it. Patient parent. Her/his leg must be getting tender from the "nips"... that Spirit is giving...
BOB, San Dimas // 2022-06-13
The cleaning lady is at it again....
BOB, San Dimas // 2022-06-06
I see that the maid comes in a night to clean...
BOB, San Dimas // 2022-06-05
OH that Spirit...GIMMIE..GIMMIE...GIMMIE..
BOB, San Dimas // 2022-06-02
Spirit is in the wind. Relieved himself, then took off.. Safe life... Thanks for everything...
BOB, San Dimas // 2022-05-31
Amazing to watch thank you!
Marilyn, Long Beach // 2022-05-22
I havnt seen the other parent, am I just missing them?
Tamara, Lakeside // 2022-04-23
I hope spirit survives the night. How is he breathing?
Jackie, Santa cruz // 2022-04-22
Name the baby Ian.
Jackie, Santa cruz // 2022-04-04
I have the perfect name for the youngster. I don’t know how to contact anybody to provide the name.
David, Palm Springs // 2022-03-12
Hello all, Has the 2nd egg hatched yet?
Alli, Plainville // 2022-03-09
Congratulations Shadow and Jackie on your little bundle of Joy!
Tricia, Oceanside // 2022-03-08
It has been great to watch. For some reason it is t showing now. Screen is blank.
Wanda Theige, Tulare, CA // 2022-03-05
Hey, Just started watching yesterday. Seems like it's been a long time since the male returned. I'm worried.
Brenda, Lake Arrowhead // 2022-03-02
She's looking beautiful as usual
Lori Senior, Camden // 2022-03-01
I am so thankful to be able to witness such a spectacular event. The eagles are beautiful. Can't quit watching....! Anxious for the babies to hatch!!
Alison Byron, Beaumont, TX // 2022-02-04
Can't wait for babies from our Super Couple
Lori Senior, Camden // 2022-01-05
Maggie May, Ashland // 2021-04-29
I keep being drawn back to watch, even after dark. Most of the time when I am not watching I still have the feed running in the background and every time I hear something I click back to check. I am so sad for Shadow and Jackie and I too am beginning to personalize them. You say eagles do not have the emotional attachments but is sure seems like Shadow is grieving big time some days. I watched him the evening of the 6th and he seemed so sad that evening. Maybe he is just taking the opportunity to rest up tho. Man it is windy up there tho. I would be surprised that eaglettes would not blow out of the nest! I will continue to check on them as long as they are there and then look forward excitedly to next years try.
Nancy Lawrence, Myrnam // 2021-04-08
Where is the other egg. I don’t see a baby
Jamie, Venice // 2021-03-20
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