Adler, Seagull Beach webcam &, watch live in real time

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Adler, Seagull Beach webcam &, watch live in real time

Why do we recommend viewing a web camera called: Adler «Seagull» webcam? It's simple. In this resort town there is the most visited beach called «Seagull». It's always warm and cozy here. People rest, sunbathe, bathe and enjoy life. While many of us are sitting at home or in the workplace - our compatriots are resting on the beach. Watch the webcam «Seagull» - this is an opportunity to come in contact with something positive, different from our everyday bustle. Sometimes you look and see how someone passes along the embankment. So slowly, thinking about something and dreaming. It is at these moments that you understand how you want to get to Adler on the famous beach «Seagull».

The length of the embankment is about one kilometer. Finding this beautiful place is easy. It is located near the railway station. Passing by the central roar, you get to the square, a walk along which will seem interesting, since it has many plants and even there are local inhabitants: cats, dogs and even squirrels.

Beach «Seagull» is the most popular beach in Adler. A webcam with a view of the embankment is free of charge made possible thanks to boarding houses and sanatoriums, which kindly give us all this opportunity.

The «Seagull» web camera in Adler in real time also allows you to make sure to those who are going to come here on vacation, that the place is worthy of it. Observe the cheerful and happy visitors to the embankment. For how they calmly rest and enjoy it. Another plus in favor of this beach is the pebble, which heats up during the day and cools down at night. It, unlike sand, does not muddy the water in the sea, which is always clean and inviting.

«Seagull» is the central beach in Adler. He is so called not because he is in the center of the city, but because he is the most popular. Not only among tourists, but also among the local population, which says a lot. Isn't it?

Directly in the area of ​​the beach «Chaika» is the hotel Flamingo, which is considered the most popular. This is due to the fact that it is located directly on the waterfront. In addition, the hotel administration does not hesitate to show its territory in online mode of real time, so that future guests could make sure of the high level of this hotel. This webcam is installed in this hotel.

And do you know why the beach is called «Seagull»? No - this is not a Soviet template. In the beach area there are a lot of gulls that are not afraid of people, fly very close, eat with hands, can even be located at your chaise longue. In addition, if you look at the beach from a satellite, it looks like a bird in flight.

In this southern city there are many interesting places that we want to show you. We recommend that you go to the Adler web cam catalog and look at this warm city live in real time.
Geography: Adler. Time zone: GMT+03:00
Broadcast quality: mjpeg, 480p. Status: webcam is offline (checked).
Category: beaches.

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