Webcam in Dinopark, Sevastopol

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Webcam in Dinopark, Sevastopol
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Webcam in Dinopark, Sevastopol

Live webcam shows Dinopark in Sevastopol city. The camera is installed above the children's sports and recreation park, located on Pavel Korchagin Street in Kamyshovaya Bay of Sevastopol city. From the height of the webcam, the entire Dinopark opens entirely. The park is lit all night and is open all day. On the territory of Dinopark there are playgrounds, benches and gazebos. You can watch teenagers ride skateboards in a designated area. Children and adults train on a variety of sports equipment in a separate sports area of ​​the park.

Live video broadcasting from the Dinopark webcam in Sevastopol is carried out in high definition format thanks to the Internet provider SevStar.
Geography: Gagarin District. Time zone: GMT+03:00
Broadcast quality: video, 720p. Status: camera works intermittently (checked).
Category: parks.

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