Live webcam of the railway station Finse

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Live webcam of the railway station Finse
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Live webcam of the railway station Finse

Live webcam is installed at the Finse railway station in Bergen, Norway. The station is located in one of the Norwegian districts of Hordaland. The station is located on the shore of a beautiful lake, which is located at an altitude of 1222 meters above sea level. On the webcam you can see the railway tracks, the tunnel, the platform and the bright red building of the station, through which pass the passengers throughout the year.

To reach the station «Finse», it is possible only on the railway line leading from Bergen. The earliest train from Bergen departs at 7:58, and the latest at 22:50. The whole trip is about 2 hours and 20 minutes. The train under number 604 rides only on Friday and Sunday. And train number 607, which leaves Oslo, only on Sundays. The earliest begins its movement from 08:11, and the late one at 23:11. The whole trip is 4 hours and 15 minutes. On the webcam, you can see in real time how trains come and go.
Geography: Bergen. Time zone: GMT+01:00
Broadcast quality: video, 720p. Status: webcam is online (checked).

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Great to see a consistent video feed once again.
Mark Mears, Dunedin New Zealand. // 2023-06-01
Good day please put camera on thank you
Linda, Uk // 2022-04-07
Hi, good morning Moderator/Admin Any update on the current offline status of the webcam please? Thank you
Pintie, Aberdeen Scotland // 2021-10-25
Best it has been in a long time. Please keep this panorama view. Thank You.
R.G.S, Whetstone, Leicester, England // 2021-08-19
The camera is back to being interesting once again. Thanks.
Campbell Gillan, Ratho by Edinburgh. // 2021-08-06
Absolutely fabulous to see the camera back to its original view. Tusen takk !!
Mark Mears, Dunedin New Zealand. // 2021-08-05
I congratulate the IT engineer, neam and executive manager who after a year+ long renovations at the hotel, remembered us the global viewers and to put the camera angle/view back where it was before to include the lovely hotel. Many Thanks indeed. Regards to Finse!
Ali Onder, Aberdeen // 2021-08-03
Thanks for moving camera.
Lenny, Bristol // 2021-08-03
I use to enjoy watching people coming and going when the camera was pointed at the station now it is boring. Can somebody change it back.
Lenny, Bristol ct // 2021-05-15
The webcam belongs to the newspaper Bergens Tidende. Please contact the magazine if you have any comments about the camera! Conveniently here:
Kjell Andersson, Landskrona, Sweden. // 2020-12-29
Please put the camera back so we can see the station??
Birger Knutsen, Bradenton // 2020-12-27
Why does the camera stop recording when a train enter the station. ???????
Birger Knutsen, Bradenton Florida u.s.a // 2020-12-09
Hi! Is it possible to open up the camera view a little to include the popular Hotel on the left (as it was the case before)? Thank you!
Pintie, Aberdeen // 2020-12-05
Hope we get to see the Christmas tree again, camera seems to have moved a bit to the right and you can no longer see the door and building that the tree is normally placed next to.
Dave, Colwyn bay, Wales // 2020-11-21
Are we ever going to see the train station any time soon.
Lenny, Bristol CT // 2020-10-29
Paul, I think it is: Low Bandwidth Means Slow Network Performance! When there is movement (train) in the image, the problem arises. They have switched from broadband to fiber cable to the Internet, and then got these problems.
Kjell Andersson, Landskrona, Sweden. // 2020-10-24
Why does the web cam always stop recording when a train arrives ?
Paul m., Portishead UK // 2020-10-21
Move camera back to the left.
Birger Knutsen, Bradenton Florida // 2020-10-15
Can you please create a chat room for those who would love to converse?
Todd, Middle Of Wisconsin // 2020-09-05
Rather boring. Would rather see the ongoing work on the platform itself.
M.B.Payne, Canbridge UK // 2020-07-15
The most reliably working fo them all. And no add banners.
Mike, Richester // 2020-07-05
Great to see the camera up and running again. Would be better if it was adjusted a little to the left to show the Finse plaque.
Mark Mears, Dunedin New Zealand. // 2020-06-18
I received a kind and positive response to my inquiry from Bergens Tirende help desk that they've initiated necessary repairs. Thanks all again!
Pintie, Aberdeen // 2020-06-11
Thanks Kjell. Done.
Pintie, Aberdeen // 2020-06-04
The webcam belongs to the newspaper Bergens Tidende. Please contact the magazine if you have any comments about the camera! Conveniently here.
Kjell Andersson, Landskrona, Sweden. // 2020-06-03
It's back to it's usual self. Thanks
Campbell Gillan, Edinburgh // 2020-06-01
There seems to be a bad interest in managing the webcam.
Kjell Andersson, Landskrona, Sweden. // 2020-05-30
Hello Moderator! I provide comments not to complain but to help to improve quality! This is a popular webcam and it has been offline! for a long time. Camera has been inactive "intermittently" daily, it still gives "technical problem warning"! Secondly could you please help for IT to set the camera to wide view as it was before, so that beautiful environment including mountains can be seen? Thank you very much! Appreciated!
Pintie, Aberdeen // 2020-05-30
Same sentiments as Pintie. Please reset it to show the surroundings as before. Ta.
Campbell Gillan, Edinburgh // 2020-05-23
Hi Moderator, Could technician please reset the lens aperture to previous wide / panaromic settings to include in the frame the station, snow tunnel, hotel, village and mountains, just like before! Thank you
Pintie, Aberdeen // 2020-05-21
I agree with you Mark Mears!
Kjell Andersson, Landskrona, Sweden. // 2020-05-21
Camera alignment has not been returned to original position. A little elevation to show more of the mountains and less of the asphalt would be nice.
Mark Mears, Dunedin, Otago. New Zealand // 2020-05-21
Hi Camera has been out of order for at least a week. Is admin aware? Regards Thank you
Pintie, Aberdeen // 2020-05-15
Does anyone know why the snow in front of the hotel is not being removed.
Lenny, Bristol ct // 2020-03-24
Sorry, but what are Herretige trains? If you mean heritage railway I don´t know.
Kjell Andersson, Landskrona, Sweden. // 2020-03-11
@Kjell. Do you happen to know if there are any Herretige trains booked through Finse in the near future? Thanks in advance.
Suenaga Mark, Shimane // 2020-03-08
Train to and from Finse.
Kjell Andersson, Landskrona, Sweden // 2020-03-01
Can we get a time table when trains stop st station
Lenny, Bristol ct // 2020-02-25
After days of storm, camera is not running again unfortunately! !! It was repaired only last week. May we please ask for same team to have look at it? . thank you
Pintie, SCOTLAND // 2020-02-24
The hotel's going to dissapear under all that snow soon. I'm amazed that the trains are still running.
Campbell Gillan, Edinburgh // 2020-02-22
Any consideration given to getting a heated lense for the camera, to melt the snow, so as to enable uninterrupted viewing in the harsh weather conditions ??
Mark Mears, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand. // 2020-02-18
Thank you for getting the camera sorted out! Kim
Kim Burns, Blue Mountains, west of Sydney Australia // 2020-02-16
Great to Finse again. I've missed it.
Campbell Gillan, Edinburgh // 2020-02-14
Yippie :) :) Great to view once again. Thanks Kjell and Voss.
Mark Mears, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand // 2020-02-14
Thanks to all!
Pintie, SCOTLAND // 2020-02-13
Kjell Andersson, Landskrona, Sweden // 2020-02-13
Latest news from Finse, attaches correspondence I had: "Camera has been out of business since we switched from broadband to fiber cable to the Internet. We have notified our supplier of such services. They are in dialogue with Voss communication about this. It will probably be in place one of the days."
Kjell Andersson, Landskrona, Sweden. // 2020-02-08
And these comments are seen here on this web site by moderator prior to publication. Maybe the moderaor could kindly contact the webcam administrator (Baltic Cam?) for an update on status of repair? Thank you Regards
Pintie, ABEREEN SCOTLAND // 2020-02-07
Today 7 Feb, I sent a web mail to Baltic Cam from their website noting that Finse webcam has been out of action for 2 weeks , requiring repair or replacement as the webcam has global followers who enjoy watching it. Thanks
Pintie, ABEREEN SCOTLAND // 2020-02-07
Have contacted the newspaper Bergens Tidene. They say they are working on the problem. It seems to be the camera operators.
Kjell Andersson, Landskrona, Sweden. // 2020-02-07
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