Webcam on Mount Mamdzyshha, paragliders start

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Webcam on Mount Mamdzyshha, paragliders start

Webcam installed on the mountain and shows Mamdzyshha start paragliders at an altitude of 1480 meters above sea level. Mamdzyshha (otherwise Mamzyshka) - mountain in Abkhazia, is located six kilometers from the city of Gagra. The height of 1873 meters above sea level. On the reverse side it adjoins Mamdzyshha ridge, where you can walk down to the famous Blue Lake.

Home is located on a slope at an altitude of Mamzyshhi 1480 meters above sea level and has a southern exposure. Usually during the day at the start of works headwind that makes it easier to start. Start has been specially prepared for the paragliders starts. And it has a sufficient size that would expand the dome 3, starters on the line pilots. start feature with Mamzyshhi slope is that even with a strong east side and north winds background, thermals peredavlivayut them successfully and can fly almost always. Often the launch pad is tightened powerful kuchevkoy. It does not interfere with the start of the glider, but does fly when there is no GPS device is extremely dangerous. Kuchevka formed in the afternoon and the evening is falling apart, which allows daily flying without instruments. Start with a slope Mamzyshki possible both reverse and forward. Front to start a little bit easier, but there are problems sometimes squinting wind, collapses in the direction coming out wing, that must be strictly controlled. On the reverse it is easier to control, but honed skills are required, as headwind is usually very weak.
Geography: Gagra. Time zone: GMT+03:00
Broadcast quality: video, 720p. Status: camera works intermittently (checked).
Category: ski resorts, sport.

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