Webcam by the pool «Health Faucet», Kosino, Ukraine

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Webcam by the pool «Health Faucet», Kosino, Ukraine

Live webcam shows the Health Faucet pool in the Kosino Thermal Waters health resort in the village of Kosino in Ukraine in real time. «Golden faucet of Kosino health» is an original pool with fountains in the village of Kosino, Transcarpathian region. The main feature of the village is the presence of mineral water sources.

The idea to create a swimming pool with fountains in the Kosino Thermal Waters tourist complex arose in October 2013. Then the designers prepared sketches of this project. A year later, the fountain was made and mounted. The latest technologies have been applied for its functioning.

In 2015, the grand opening of the fountain complex took place. In the course of this, several Ukrainian records were set, because the country's largest geysers with thermal water, coffee, beer, wine and pallets appeared.

The recreation area with hot springs itself is located in the forest near the village of Kosino. Thermal water is extracted from a depth of more than 1000 meters. It is quite mineralized, and its temperature is +42 degrees Celsius. This water has healing properties.

Kosino's «Golden Faucet of Health» is a large pool, in the bowl of which there is a fountain in the form of a crane. Everything is designed so that when the fountain is running, there is an illusion that the tap is not touching the ground.

Its height is 11 meters. And around the pool there are 4 more sculptures:

a bottle of wine (height 5.3 meters);
coffee cup (height 3.2 meters);
bottle for palenki (height 3 meters);
mug for beer (height 4.8 meters).

These four large figures are symbolic and show the drinks popular among the locals: wine, Palenque (local vodka), beer and coffee. And the main sculpture in the center of the pool is a symbol of water as a valuable source of health.

The total height of the entire structure is more than 15 meters. It can be compared with a five-story building. The diameter of the pool with fountains is 46 meters. Interestingly, more than 2,000 tons of concrete mortar and 70 kilometers of metal reinforcement were used to make its structure.

Every hour, geysers supply thermal water in the amount of 330 cubic meters. It passes through special devices that saturate it with air and enhance healing and healing properties.

Each fountain has its own smell due to the addition of special flavors. This system of geysers can be controlled remotely via the global Internet.

All fountain statues were made by hand on the territory of the health complex itself by local workers. Fiberglass was used as the material. 125 specialists worked on the project for fourteen months.

Pool hours: daily from 9:00 to 20:00 seven days a week. The webcam at the pool «Health Faucet» in Kosino works around the clock in real time.
Geography: Kosino. Time zone: GMT+03:00
Broadcast quality: video, 720p. Status: camera works intermittently (checked).
Category: fountains, hotels, swimming pools.

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Fun to watch the swimmers. Usually up from sunrise to sunset. Check on a weekend because they can be open after dark with colored lights on during summer.
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