Webcam on Nakhimov Avenue, Sevastopol

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Webcam on Nakhimov Avenue, Sevastopol
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Webcam on Nakhimov Avenue, Sevastopol

Live webcam installed on Nakhimov Avenue in Sevastopol city. The real-time camera shows almost the entire Nakhimov Avenue, as it is one of the shortest avenues in the world. The length of the avenue is about 900 meters (between Nakhimov Square and Lazarev Square).

From the height of the webcam, the abundant green spaces along the entire Nakhimov Avenue, and three buildings of the post-war reconstruction of Sevastopol, lined with Inkerman stone, look favorably. The roofs of the buildings are covered with red tiles, which are especially emphasized by the single architectural ensemble of the central city ring of Sevastopol. Thanks to this road webcam, you can observe traffic, holiday processions of residents and parades.

Live cam on Nakhimov Avenue in the city of Sevastopol works around the clock in real time.
Geography: Lenin District. Time zone: GMT+03:00
Broadcast quality: video, 720p. Status: webcam is online (checked).
Category: traffic.

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