Ren TV online — live TV channel

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Ren TV online — live TV channel

Live broadcast of live TV channel "Ren TV". The Ren TV channel is one of the largest Russian national broadcasters.

The main shareholder of the REN TV channel is the National Media Group (68%), which also includes Channel Five, Channel One, Izvestia, Radio Service Rossiyskaya Novostey, Art Pictures Vision and "METRO-Petersburg".

The network of "Ren TV" unites 1137 independent air and cable companies in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries. The signal is accepted by more than 1200 settlements.

Ren TV channel in Russia as a whole is watched by 15 million people every day (which is 22.0% of the total Russian population aged 4 years and over). The potential audience of the channel is more than 120 million viewers.

Programs and creative teams of REN TV have repeatedly become laureates of the national television award TEFI, prizewinners of the prestigious professional competition "MEDIABRAND" and other professional awards.

The motto of the channel: "News is our vocation". In addition to the news on the channel, such popular television projects as "Military Secret", "The Most Shocking Hypotheses", "Documentary Project", "Secrets of Chapman", "Party Dinner" and others.
Geography: Russia. Time zone: GMT+03:00
Broadcast quality: video, 1080p, 🔊 with sound. Status: webcam is online (checked yesterday).
Category: TV.

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