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Sea Eagle nest webcam, Sydney

Live webcam shows the nest of the sea eagle in real time. The nest is located on a tree near the Parramatta River in the Olympic Park of Sydney, Australia. A sea eagle, (or a bald eagle) is a bird of prey from the family of hawks.

While in the northern hemisphere the chicks of bald eagles have already risen on the wing, in the southern hemisphere they are just beginning to hatch. And vice versa. Live webcams and the difference in the seasons in different hemispheres of our planet allow us to watch the sea eagles (white-headed eagles) and their chicks year-round.

Watching live web cam at the nest of the sea eagle can be in real time at any time of the day. At night, the image will be black and white. Video from the webcam is in high definition Full HD with sound.

The camera can be operated by the operator to display all the most interesting.

Established in 2009, sea eagle nest webcam is a live, remote feed that operates out of the Discovery Centre in the Newington Armory at Sydney Olympic Park, close to the Parramatta River. EagleCAM was started and funded by a small group of BirdLife Australia volunteers, who continue to develop and operate the technology that brings the sea-eagles to your screen.
Geography: Sydney. Time zone: GMT+11:00
Broadcast quality: video, 720p, 🔊 with sound. Status: webcam is online (checked today).
Category: birds, PTZ.

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total: 29
  1. July 18, 2022 - hatching of the first chick. (8:55)
  2. 2
    Ravens Eat All Of Daisy's Eggs! December 23, 2021 (20:38)
  3. 3
    SE27 Fledge
  4. 4
    SE28 Fledge / Falls
  5. 5
    Follow me, follow you
  6. 6
    SE27 morning warm-up
  7. 7
    SE28 Branches
  8. 8
    SE27 & SE28 testing there wings | 05.10.2021 (1:31)
  9. 9
    Storm hit the nest. October 1, 2021 (13:25)
  10. 10
    Feeding, 28 Aug 2021
  11. 11
    Catch-up 26 and 27 August, 2021 (21:37)
  12. 12
    Feeding SE27 only, difficult SE28 situation. August 25, 2021 (14:04)
  13. 13
    Aggression of SE27 towards SE28. August 25, 2021 (25:10)
  14. 14
    Aggressive SE27 does not allow SE28 to eat. August 23, 2021 (25:04)
  15. 15
    Feeding SE27 & SE28. August 22, 2021 (19:35)
  16. 16
    Hatching the second chick! July 31, 2021 (1:15)
  17. 17
    Hatching the first chick! July 29, 2021 (3:14)
  18. 18
    The first pip. July 29, 2021
  19. 19
    23.06.2021 1:18 The second egg (4:24)
  20. 20
    19.06.2021 17:28 The first egg (2:26)


Hello, We're watching from Adelaide. Beautiful birds and great footage, thank you. When were the eggs laid / how long until hatching? Cheers, Pip
Philippa, Adelaide // 2022-07-14
It is 10.09pm. Where are the parents?
Marjia, Hazelbrook // 2020-09-06
The Date appears to be one day forward? TY
Rose Lord, El Dorado Hills,CA // 2019-07-05
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