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Hi! Does anyone know what the little eel/snake creature was at 10:04:04? They crawled along the bottom and went over to the Brain Coral...
Michelle, Charlotte, NCBonaire Underwater Webcam
I saw that same eel last night.
Connie, Clifton Park, NYBonaire Underwater Webcam
Is that a moray eel under the concrete block at 18:03
Dennis, Netherlands ★★★★★Bonaire Underwater Webcam
Can whoever is in control of the camera, zoom in on the hole at the base of the brain coral beside the thin dome? The octopus is in there. Thanks!
John, Ottawa, CanadaBonaire Underwater Webcam
So glad your back!!! My Zen has returned..
Devildog, SlotownBonaire Underwater Webcam
Wow .... they are active tonight !!! First time since I have been watching that the big fish are so active .
Jeffory, Columbus, Ms. ★★★★★Bonaire Underwater Webcam
Has the octopus taken up the flute? I must have missed the move from the brain coral nest to the cage. What happened?
Holly, Philadelphia ★★★★★Bonaire Underwater Webcam
Divers, stop touching the coral!
Stephanie Roche, BaldwinBonaire Underwater Webcam
The best thing ever I like your webcam and how I can watch my favorite sea animals!!!
Ally, No ★★★★★Open Sea Cam
Love Love Love Bonaire!!! can't be there but wow is this amazing to be able to see and enjoy! Thank you!
Jeff Gundersen, Edgartown Massachusetts, USABonaire Underwater Webcam
Love this camera. Lately the camera is dirty, but is the best.
Today is completely dark. I guest that today I'll miis my show.
Rey, Cape Coral, Florida, USABonaire Underwater Webcam
My kids love this cam!
Elizabeth, BirminghamOpen Sea Cam
I used to loved it but right now it is not good.
Reinaldo, Cape CoralCoral City webcam, Miami
Wonderful to watch again.
Meryl, AmsterdamBonaire Underwater Webcam
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