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Bonaire Underwater Webcam

Bonaire Underwater Webcam: this camera is located at a depth of 15 meters on the drop off at the dive site "Something Special". It is pointing to the north about 100 meter south of the mooring line. The camera used for these brilliant underwater images is in an underwater enclosure from independis. We thank all instructors and dive masters from Bonaire for helping us to keep the lens clean.
Geography: Bonaire. Time zone: GMT-04:00
Broadcast quality: video, 1080p, 🔊 with sound. Status: webcam is online (checked today).
Category: fishes, PTZ, underwater.

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Coordinates unknown.

If You know the coordinates of this webcam, please report them to us in comments on this page. Thank you in advance.


Love this cam, love to snorkel and see the fish and corals. Have been there. Wish I were there now
Susanne, Atlanta, Georgia, USA // 2023-05-02
What is the status of the webcam? I know many of us miss our Bonaire fish! Thank you to all who maintain the camera for us to enjoy until the next time we can visit!
Rachelle, Coeur d Alene // 2023-04-10
Hi! Does anyone know what the little eel/snake creature was at 10:04:04? They crawled along the bottom and went over to the Brain Coral...
Michelle, Charlotte, NC // 2023-01-28
I saw that same eel last night.
Connie, Clifton Park, NY // 2023-01-22
Is that a moray eel under the concrete block at 18:03
Dennis, Netherlands // 2023-01-12
Can whoever is in control of the camera, zoom in on the hole at the base of the brain coral beside the thin dome? The octopus is in there. Thanks!
John, Ottawa, Canada // 2022-12-19
So glad your back!!! My Zen has returned..
Devildog, Slotown // 2022-11-18
Wow .... they are active tonight !!! First time since I have been watching that the big fish are so active .
Jeffory, Columbus, Ms. // 2022-05-25
Has the octopus taken up the flute? I must have missed the move from the brain coral nest to the cage. What happened?
Holly, Philadelphia // 2022-04-30
Divers, stop touching the coral!
Stephanie Roche, Baldwin // 2022-04-28
Love Love Love Bonaire!!! can't be there but wow is this amazing to be able to see and enjoy! Thank you!
Jeff Gundersen, Edgartown Massachusetts, USA // 2022-03-03
Today is completely dark. I guest that today I'll miis my show.
Rey, Cape Coral, Florida, USA // 2022-01-16
Wonderful to watch again.
Meryl, Amsterdam // 2021-10-31
I just enjoyed watching the cleaning of the housing. Unable to get to Bonaire this year, but we will be back.
Bill Tennessen, Milwaukee // 2021-04-08
Great webcam. Watching a beautiful octipussy right now. But someone just switched to black and white, instead of colour, for some reason. Can't wait to go back.
John, Ottawa, Canada // 2021-04-04
Love this webcam. Saw incredible fish yesterday....Lionfish, Octopus, Queen Angels, Barracuda, scorpion fish, turtle, French Angels, etc...
Hilda Smith, Wilkesboro // 2021-03-30
I love this site — it's my moment of peace when I need to take a break from work. I've been snorkeling in Bonaire every year for the past 10 years (other than last year), so a few minutes on this site takes me back to one of my favorite places in the world. Thank you so much for this!!
Katherine, Nashville // 2021-02-23
I have been following the Bonaire Underwater webcam for a long time and I consider it to be one of the best, very much appreciating the care taken for maintenance and good operation. I would just to communicate that today the image is black and white. Best regards
Stefano Teloni, Rome, Italy // 2021-02-10
This is my favorite underwater cam. Thanks so much! It does wonders for my mental state.
Drabula, Detroit // 2021-02-03
i am only seeing a very grey screen with something moving. Is it night time there or is the camera malfunctioning?
Karolis Paulikas, Vilnius // 2021-01-13
Hello: This camera is wonderful. However, would love for the coral wall to receive the greatest time onscreen— it has so much more going on than the dome! What are the chances the timing can be changed. Thank you so much for whoever set this up—so beautiful, hope to visit someday!
Leslie, Emmaus // 2020-12-26
Saw an octopus emerge from under the flat rock just to right of the reef ball.
Andy Corbin, Vinton, VA USA // 2020-12-02
Really need to get that support or whatever it is out the picture.
Andy Corbin, Vinton, VA USA // 2020-11-09
Great video. Been to Bonaire 7 times and really miss the diving and marine life.
Andy Corbin, Vinton, VA USA // 2020-11-09
This isn't real time. it's the same thing over and over.
Shelly, Oshkosh // 2019-08-06
WOW, so cool!!
Julian, Rotterdam // 2019-04-20
I love this cam, thank you for sharing!
Lynne, Mercer // 2019-03-21
This is so fantastic! Missing Bonaire but will be there soon!
Rue, NY // 2018-12-14
Thanks for the wonderful webcam! It's fun to look at and practice my REEF fish ID skills, while waiting for my dive trip to start!
Donna, Anchorage, AK // 2018-08-18
Is the Webcom connected in Bonaire at "something special" Dive site, as of April 12, 2018?
Beth Beson, Chicago, Il // 2018-04-13
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