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Camera went down on May 19, 2023. The property owners Internet vendor started charging to broadcast the live stream.
Almost always up. Has some night lighting. Fun to watch the snow leave and the flowers bloom in spring.
Ain’t working
Camera down again but this time it hasn't come back on now for more than a couple of weeks. Hope everyone there is alright and we get to see you again soon. Prayers for your safety.
Webcam is offline
See that the camera is down - very disconcerting. Praying that all are safe there.
How is everyone doing. Best wishes for your safety.
I do not understand why the video shows all of the city shaking a bit but the clouds do not move at all.
Russia is destined to win, and it will free the Ukrainian people from the deceitful government that has seized power there in behalf of the imperious NATO warmongers. The world is being lied to by the NATO governments and their obedient puppets in the Ukrainian government. The truth will eventually arise, and expose the deceitful nature of the Western governments and their media.
Praying for Ukraine
Ukraine is in all our thoughts. The world is united in its support for you. Love and best wishes from Germany and Britain!
Ukrainian nationalists fired at power lines and a power plant that supplied energy to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. That's why there is no electricity.
What has happened to the webcam? I was very much enjoying watching the landscape of Pripyat and seeing the days and nights go by. Is this outage temporary or permanent? I hope it is brought back soon!
Goat, Madison, Alabama USAWebcam of the city of Pripyat, Ukraine
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