Webcams in Russia: city views

EurasiaRussia Rating: 4/5 (votes: 26054)


High quality camera. During the day, the colors of the buildings and sky are amazing. Fun to watch the morning commute.
Sharon, Sacramento ★★★★★Webcam on Volodya Golovaty Street, Krasnodar
Any armoured vehicles seen?
I love this city!!! It is wonderful!!!
Clean the lens.
This city is fascinating to me (I am not quite sure why)
It's only wonderful!!! I love Saint Petersburg, I love Russia and I love the Russian people who delivered us from the Nazi invasion. Thank you to all of you. I like You.
This camera is pointing to the sky...nice but boring! It's been this way for months! How can you say you checked it today???
The camera is still stuck on Feb. 6th and today is Feb. 12!!!
Today is February 9th and the camera has been on February 6th since the 6th at 19:11. Could you give it a nudge, please. My favorite webcam in the Winter. Thanks.
Nice Cam. Greetings from Switzerland !!
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