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Cleanup Crew er Crow...
BOB, San DimasBig Bear Bald Eagle Webcam
I am beyond grateful for the joy, love and entertainment you all have made possible — FOBBV forever
Sherri, CamarilloBig Bear Bald Eagle Webcam
Where are the parents? I haven't seen them for a while. Is the chick getting anything to eat?
Beverly Traynor, Glendora ★★★★★Webcam at the nest of Bald Eagles, Two Harbors, California
What a treasure this has been since March. The parents tending to Spirit. Witnessing Spirits the growth, developing Into young Bald Eagle. Thank you for this tremendous opportunity.
Ross, Laguna BeachBig Bear Bald Eagle Webcam
WOW!! they split a nice size fish today. But Spirit made sure that she had 1st crack at it. Patient parent. Her/his leg must be getting tender from the "nips"... that Spirit is giving...
BOB, San DimasBig Bear Bald Eagle Webcam
The cleaning lady is at it again....
BOB, San Dimas ★★★★★Big Bear Bald Eagle Webcam
I see that the maid comes in a night to clean...
BOB, San DimasBig Bear Bald Eagle Webcam
OH that Spirit...GIMMIE..GIMMIE...GIMMIE..
BOB, San Dimas ★★★★★Big Bear Bald Eagle Webcam
Spirit is in the wind. Relieved himself, then took off.. Safe life... Thanks for everything...
BOB, San Dimas ★★★★★Big Bear Bald Eagle Webcam
Amazing to watch thank you!
Marilyn, Long Beach ★★★★★Big Bear Bald Eagle Webcam
I havnt seen the other parent, am I just missing them?
Tamara, Lakeside ★★★★★Big Bear Bald Eagle Webcam
Is there an estimated day for their first flight?
Yvonne Johnson, Chico ★★★★★Bald eagles nest webcam, Redding, California
I hope spirit survives the night. How is he breathing?
Jackie, Santa cruzBig Bear Bald Eagle Webcam
I was enjoying watching the 3 baby eagles and the mother looking after them and then they just disappeared and this fill in came on. What happened to the babies if it was in fact live?
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