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Has this eaglet had any food since last feeding on 7/28?
Finally saw adult with eaglet brought it food,July 31,7am,
Names are Denali and Spurr.
Erin E Smith-Cohen, Eagle River ★★★★★Eagles nest webcam, Kenai, Alaska
I have been watching this nest since Wednesday before last day and night,and haven’t seen a adult,or any food,or feathers of another bird,sure would be reassuring to here or see something.
I bet it can’t wait to get out of that tree
Mom brought something to eat around 7:45 am today.
Stella, Kenai AlaskaEagles nest webcam, Kenai, Alaska
Mom brought him a fish head today.
Dave Kozloski, FairbanksEagles nest webcam, Kenai, Alaska
I was worried also. I watch every day and several times and I haven’t seen the mother. Thank you for letting us know you saw her
Stella, Kenai Alaska ★★★★★Eagles nest webcam, Kenai, Alaska
Momma arrived with groceries about an hour and a half ago. I was getting worried.
Dave Kozloski, FairbanksEagles nest webcam, Kenai, Alaska
Guess I am the only one watching, understandably so, twigs, I would think there is a way to help, if there wasn’t COVID, I would fly over and feed him.
Wish someone would drone it some food or take it to a sanctuary,eating twigs now,or are we going to watch it starve to death?
Seen mom feeding Denali on Wed evening. I think she sits out of camera view alot
If mom is gone, will anyone take eaglet to a sanctuary?
When was the last time mom was there?
Have not seen Aurora around at all today. Denali hasn’t been fed today. Has anyone seen any sign of Mom?
Mary, Southport, NCEagles nest webcam, Kenai, Alaska
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