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Live webcam of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes

Live webcam shows the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes or the Domain (as it is most commonly known) is an area of ground surrounding the Catholic shrine (Grotto) to Our Lady of Lourdes in the town of Lourdes, France.

The Sanctuary is a destination for pilgrimage; sick pilgrims are reputed to be miraculously healed by Lourdes water. This ground is owned and administrated by the Roman Catholic Church, and has several functions, including devotional activities, offices, and accommodation for sick pilgrims and their helpers. The Domain includes the Grotto itself, the nearby taps which dispense the Lourdes water, and the offices of the Lourdes Medical Bureau, as well as several churches and basilicas.
Geography: Lourdes. Time zone: GMT+02:00
Broadcast quality: video, 480p, 🔊 with sound. Status: webcam is online (checked today).
Category: sights.

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Our Dear Lady of Lourdes.Please intercede for me to help me get through this difficult time.Also for those experiencing mental and/or physical ailments,financial difficulties,effects of war,natural disasters.May the find strength and peace.
Anthony, United States // 2023-09-14
Please pray that God will have mercy and heal me or at least stop this supposedly incurable Pulmonary Fibrosis from getting any worse. I offer praise for His keeping me alive so far.
Robert, Atlanta // 2023-09-05
Please pray for all in the world. Also for me as im going through a challenging time in my life god bless all.
Carla, Scotland // 2023-09-02
Please place your hand on my mom and dad in heaven. Give them peace and comfort. Let them know their children are okay. Also, place your hand on the family who is left on Earth. Give us all peace, happiness, and love for each other.
Zenia, Daly City // 2023-08-27
Please may I request urgent prayers for my best friends mum 2hohas cancer who had took turn for worst may when God come to get her he may take her straight to peace her dad also has cancer at min and they lost there son last year may I please beg for ur prayers for this family il be eternally grateful xx
Angela Moore, Londonderry Ireland // 2023-08-25
Please pray that Donna's Vietnamese Catholic friends find housing on the Feast of the Assumption. Thank you JMJ.
Patricia, Crossville, TN // 2023-08-15
Holy Mary, please carry my petition to God to heal the family estrangement and to heal my thyroid disease.
Sheila, Manchester // 2023-07-23
Our blessed lady of Lourdes. Please pray for baby Logan to be healed mentally. And for his mother Renee to find peace and happiness
Jessy Daniel, Trinidad // 2023-07-15
Mary, my Mother. three years ago you interceded and brought my heart back ti the Church, Thank you always. I ask for the protection from evil and illness in my daughters family, her boys, husband and self. Please protect Holden in Rome.
Nancy, Middletown US // 2023-07-09
Our Lady of Lourdes please help my dear friend Lucy, and her husband Jamie, to cope with her terminal diagnosis. Grant them courage, and peace at the end.
Sally Nicholls, Cooksbridge, Lewes // 2023-05-17
Dear Our Lady of Lourdes please help my dad who is suffering terribly. Please help his chest to get better and allow him to stay with us for a little longer or take the pain away. We place our trust in you.
Jeannine, London // 2023-04-28
My Lady of Lourdes, Please take my dead mom and sister to the heaven.
Darina, Florida,USA // 2023-03-02
Our Lady of Lourdes please pray and heal Danielle who is currently on life support machine which will be switched off anytime soon. Please Mama Mary heal her and give her good health.
Fatima D'Souza, England // 2023-02-27
Dearest Mother off Jeaus, please help me here the pain that I'm having every waking hour, I view it as a gift from your dear son and in my daily prayers I never ask Him to take it away only that I can cope with it. Some nights I just cannot sleep and lie awake all night. Prayers for all as I lie on my bed of pain. My poor health will prevent me from visiting you this year, all my love from Louisa XXX
Louisa Dorian, Durham Uk // 2023-02-18
Dearest beautiful mother, please hear our prayers and intercede for all those who petition you. Thank you for loving us, caring for us and interceding for us. I plead for your intercession for my son Andrew who is suffering from depression, alcoholism and he is so far away from God and you… please-he needs a miracle to change his heart and save his soul. I believe in your favor with the Blessed Trinity., and may I also ask for healing for my friend, Lorraine, for Fran , and Kathy…..please Mary, please help all of us….
Ann, Charlestown // 2023-02-13
Please mother Mary our lady of lourdes I plead of your miraculous intercession for our lords healing touch upon my brother in law who has throat cancer Mother I place him I your motherly care and believe in the miracle of his healing through thy intercession please continue to strengthen him and bring back his voice and protect and guide him through surgery. I believe my dearest mother in our lords healing touch upon him thank you mother Mary may the mercy of our lords healing be upon all those are ill specially the cancer patients. Amen
Audrey, Melbourne // 2023-02-08
Dear blessed Mother please heal me physically, mentally and spiritually . I am so anxious and low and please cover me with your love and mercy. Heal everyone from their troubles. Amen
S Browning, London // 2023-02-05
My Holy Mother, please heal me from cancer, and I want you to be present with me every time I do Chemo. Please, Mother Mary, my son has an appointment tomorrow with his specialist to find out if his Tumor is cancer.Please heal him, so his tumor is not cancer. Finally, please help my teenage son to come back to you and start believing in God and pray your Rosary. You are my only savior and I truly believe that you are hearing my voice. Please don't close your eyes on my family. I really need you my Holy Mother.
Layla, Sydney Australia // 2023-02-05
Cure for my cancer.
Louise, Hoosick Falls, NY // 2023-01-30
Dear Mother, please help me and my husband get jobs we are desperate for money to pay our rent and bills. Having had to move back from France to the UK at our age life is a struggle. Please ask your son to help us and wrap your arms around us, giving us the love and peace we so long for. Amen
Anne Davies, Hereford // 2023-01-29
Thank you for sharing the Holy Mass.
August Kirbes, Hollabrunn, Austria // 2023-01-24
Dear our loving Mother Mary, please send healing to my father in lawn who is sufficient in lots of pain from stage 4 cancer. If he is to leave us, please extend his time with us so he will have seen all his three grandchildren who he has never met, before his last day. I humbly thank you my Mother for interceding.
Lily Phan, Australia // 2022-12-30
Please pray for my son who wants to seek recovery from a gambling addiction, thank you for helping us get through this difficult time.
Fiona, Cork // 2022-12-22
Dear Mother Mary please pray for my twin sister who needs a cure for her cancer. Thank you
Barbara, Portsmouth New Hampshire // 2022-12-02
Our dearest mother please pray from my sister that she will survive the operation on Friday please dear lord place your hands over my sister and and please dear lord make her still be with us . She is good girl and please don’t ask her to join you now I just want to be with her for a little while please dear lord I love you and please help my sister that she will survive the operation on Friday. Let us all pray for my dear sister Christine,I love you Chris and please be strong and you will over come this operation please dear lord please;or father who art in heaven please look after Christine. Amen
Madeleine O'Brien, Australia // 2022-11-23
Mother Mary please help our beloved mother luise who is suffering from lung infection to survive and get healed.
Nick, Germany // 2022-11-22
Dear Mother Mary please wrap your mantle of love around my wife Martine and our children Emmanuel and Clara. Please bless them and protect them from all evil and sickness.Lord Jesus come into their hearts and through your holy name remove the obstacles to their unbelief.
Allen Hessler, Montreal, Canada // 2022-11-21
I was ther between 8th August and 11th August. I was very in love with our Mother Mary.
Raymond Sammut, Rabat Malta // 2022-11-04
Please, Mary Queen of Heaven, lift up my husband. He is on a journey to come into full grace with the church. He is also discouraged with his work.
Jacqueline Howard, Spokane // 2022-10-29
Please Mother Mary, help my son - he is such a good boy. I will also pray for all the others I see on this comment board, I so feel for them all.
Diana, Phoenix // 2022-10-18
Mary, Our Lady of Lourdes, please intercede quickly that I may keep & remain living in my home. Please bless me with the $50,000 to pay the tax loan off entirely. If not then 2 payments & I will work hard to pay all of my bills. Overtake me please with financial overflow in Jesus’s Name. Thank You for your love, mercy, protection & intercession. Please keep all evil from Richard, from me, all our family & loves ones, my home, everything concerning me & my loved ones. In Jesus’s Name. Amen, Lisa
Lisa, Houston // 2022-10-14
Oh our Lady of Lourdes, today I beg thee to intercede for me concerning this job that I seek. I also beg you to pray for my baby Muoma and brother Chuka, May they receive complete healing through Christ our King. Also for my entire family bloodline, May we receive fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit. I appeal to you to pray for all my heart desires that are not sinful. Amen
Chekwube, Nigeria // 2022-10-13
Santa Maria, thank you. Thank you for saving my mom from her accident and for your presence in our lives. Please intercede and ask your beloved, perfect Son to hear my prayers. I'm lonely and motherhood is hard. I love you and humbly thank you.
Paola, Woodbridge, Virginia, USA // 2022-10-12
Dear Mother of God, please hear my prayers. My sons and family need your blessings
Maria H Londono, Weeki Wachee FL // 2022-09-20
Please pray for me and heal my congestive heart failure.
Michelle Vincent, Dubuque // 2022-09-07
Our Lady of Lourdes please bless my boy with good health and cure him completely from epilepsy and prevent him having any more seizures. Bless my whole family and thank you for looking after us when we were in Lourdes.
Fatima D'Souza, England // 2022-09-06
Saint Bernadette please, please pray for my friend William, for his eyes to be healed, thank you.
Francis, Port Jefferson, America // 2022-08-22
Dear Mum,I miss you so much with your passing.I think of you Morning noon and night.I miss you so bad and my heart has been broken into fragments.My life is never going to be the same! I know you are beside me but the pain is so bad.We had such good times and laughs, I hope you are in happy place .Lots of Love Rosie
Rosie, Edinburgh // 2022-08-20
Our lady please help my sister who is battling two different cancers , please pray for her and my family.
Pamela, Stoke-on-Trent // 2022-08-14
Please pray for me st Bernadette,please heal the pain I have , please make it go away,please help me and my family
Frank, Port Jefferson New York America // 2022-08-10
Dear Virgin Mary! Please pray for the operation and the health of priest Miroslav! Thank you very much!
Gabriela, Slovakia // 2022-08-09
Dear Mother Mary, I pray for my daughter’s healing and strength for our family.
Judy Evenson, Jackson // 2022-08-08
Dear Mary I pray for my dear husband that you may help get rid of his painful headache. Bless our family with good health and love.
Bernadette, Ireland // 2022-08-01
Our lady please help my brother and help me with pain in my leg
Tina Mcnaboe, Dublin // 2022-08-01
Our lady please help my brother with his illness please help he will get better and give hi the strength to be strong please help me with leg pain that it will get better thank you so much our lady
Tina Mcnaboe, Dublin // 2022-07-30
Maman Marie please I need a miracle to stop my son converting to Islam as he is not mature. It hurts me as he is the only son please maman exaucé ma prière. Entend ma prière et supplications Amen
Marie, Britain // 2022-07-05
Most blessed Mother of God, on Friday I visited my Oncologist who said there was no trace of cancer that can be seen on my CT scan, this is good news, thank you so very much. Two weeks ago, my wife Jennifer was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma which is cancer of the bone marrow. She started treatment as of last Tuesday June 6 and is scheduled for surgery to strengthen her left femur June 16. I request your blessings on Jennifer.
Leonard Hayden, Los Angeles // 2022-06-12
Most blessed Mother of God and Mother of us poor sinners, please obtain for me a cure of cancer if it is His holy will, and most of all asked for the conversion, perseveration and reconciliation of my children and grandchildren, so that we may one day all be together in heaven with Him and You. And, please, Holy Mother, pray for the souls of my loved ones who have departed this world. You know who they are and you love them, too.
Olympia, Miami Florida USA // 2022-05-18
Dear Mother Mary Thank you for all of your blessings
Rosaura Pacheco, Fresno // 2022-05-15
Dear Mary pray for the healing of my brother Desmond and sister Bernadette. Pray for a financial blessing.
Eugene, CPT // 2022-05-13
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