Live webcam of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes

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Live webcam of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes

Live webcam shows the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes or the Domain (as it is most commonly known) is an area of ground surrounding the Catholic shrine (Grotto) to Our Lady of Lourdes in the town of Lourdes, France.

The Sanctuary is a destination for pilgrimage; sick pilgrims are reputed to be miraculously healed by Lourdes water. This ground is owned and administrated by the Roman Catholic Church, and has several functions, including devotional activities, offices, and accommodation for sick pilgrims and their helpers. The Domain includes the Grotto itself, the nearby taps which dispense the Lourdes water, and the offices of the Lourdes Medical Bureau, as well as several churches and basilicas.
Geography: Lourdes. Time zone: GMT+02:00
Broadcast quality: video, 480p, 🔊 with sound. Status: webcam is online (checked yesterday).
Category: sights.

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Dear Mother of God, please hear my prayers. My sons and family need your blessings
Maria H Londono, Weeki Wachee FL // 2022-09-20
Please pray for me and heal my congestive heart failure.
Michelle Vincent, Dubuque // 2022-09-07
Our Lady of Lourdes please bless my boy with good health and cure him completely from epilepsy and prevent him having any more seizures. Bless my whole family and thank you for looking after us when we were in Lourdes.
Fatima D'Souza, England // 2022-09-06
Saint Bernadette please, please pray for my friend William, for his eyes to be healed, thank you.
Francis, Port Jefferson, America // 2022-08-22
Dear Mum,I miss you so much with your passing.I think of you Morning noon and night.I miss you so bad and my heart has been broken into fragments.My life is never going to be the same! I know you are beside me but the pain is so bad.We had such good times and laughs, I hope you are in happy place .Lots of Love Rosie
Rosie, Edinburgh // 2022-08-20
Our lady please help my sister who is battling two different cancers , please pray for her and my family.
Pamela, Stoke-on-Trent // 2022-08-14
Please pray for me st Bernadette,please heal the pain I have , please make it go away,please help me and my family
Frank, Port Jefferson New York America // 2022-08-10
Dear Virgin Mary! Please pray for the operation and the health of priest Miroslav! Thank you very much!
Gabriela, Slovakia // 2022-08-09
Dear Mother Mary, I pray for my daughter’s healing and strength for our family.
Judy Evenson, Jackson // 2022-08-08
Dear Mary I pray for my dear husband that you may help get rid of his painful headache. Bless our family with good health and love.
Bernadette, Ireland // 2022-08-01
Our lady please help my brother and help me with pain in my leg
Tina Mcnaboe, Dublin // 2022-08-01
Our lady please help my brother with his illness please help he will get better and give hi the strength to be strong please help me with leg pain that it will get better thank you so much our lady
Tina Mcnaboe, Dublin // 2022-07-30
Maman Marie please I need a miracle to stop my son converting to Islam as he is not mature. It hurts me as he is the only son please maman exaucé ma prière. Entend ma prière et supplications Amen
Marie, Britain // 2022-07-05
Most blessed Mother of God, on Friday I visited my Oncologist who said there was no trace of cancer that can be seen on my CT scan, this is good news, thank you so very much. Two weeks ago, my wife Jennifer was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma which is cancer of the bone marrow. She started treatment as of last Tuesday June 6 and is scheduled for surgery to strengthen her left femur June 16. I request your blessings on Jennifer.
Leonard Hayden, Los Angeles // 2022-06-12
Most blessed Mother of God and Mother of us poor sinners, please obtain for me a cure of cancer if it is His holy will, and most of all asked for the conversion, perseveration and reconciliation of my children and grandchildren, so that we may one day all be together in heaven with Him and You. And, please, Holy Mother, pray for the souls of my loved ones who have departed this world. You know who they are and you love them, too.
Olympia, Miami Florida USA // 2022-05-18
Dear Mother Mary Thank you for all of your blessings
Rosaura Pacheco, Fresno // 2022-05-15
Dear Mary pray for the healing of my brother Desmond and sister Bernadette. Pray for a financial blessing.
Eugene, CPT // 2022-05-13
Saint Bernadette pray for my severely disabled grandson James who smiles all the time. Believing in the miracle of our Lady of Lourdes, and thanking our for his healing grace. Amen
Paula Hamby, Henning, Tennessee USA // 2022-05-07
Dear Mother Mary, thank you for always being with me and blessing me.
Joseph M. Garofolo, Miami, FL USA // 2022-04-23
Dear Mother of God, you are the most Blessed Mother of all mothers all over the world. We know very well that our sins makes you suffer a lot. I praise you to go in front of your Son Jesus Christ and tell him to forgive us our sins. Hope one day I will have the opportunity to meet you all up there and where all this sufferings will disappear forever.
Grazio Fenech, Malta // 2022-04-05
Our Lady of Lourdes, intercede for a peaceful and happy resolution to my problems at work and for a favourable outcome for my grievance, that is favourable to me and pleasing to our Lord. May I and all who suffer in toxic work, or school or home environments be delivered from our afflictions and those who are afflicting us. May the Lord cleanse me/ us from our sins. I ask this in Jesus’ name to fulfill the words that “by this my Father is glorified that you bear much fruit and so prove to be my disciple.” Amen. Blessed Mother pray for us.
Shirley Mary, Vancouver // 2022-03-30
I can't believe this is available. I thank you so very much. It means so much to see Lourdes in real time that I can't believe this is truly Lourdes. I will though. I want to.
Cathy Stacchini, Cliffside Park // 2022-03-29
Pray for our son who is in the United States Air Force that he will be able to complete his active service to our country for one more year before retiring.
John, Annapolis // 2022-02-13
Our Lady of Lourdes, I ask you for health for me, my daughter and godchildren in the name of your beloved son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Queen of all creation, please intercede for us. Amen.
Jeannette Medina, Palm Beach Gardens // 2022-02-12
Holy Mary Mother of God and mother of us all .Please pray to your Son Jesus to intercede to the Holy Father for all those who ask this special day for healing of Heath and mind . Please guide my son in making the choices in his life that are good and wholesome. Please guide him in making the right choices in search for college . My fear is he stray from loving you . Help our world and all those who are suffering . Send your Holy Angels to defend us in this evil world . I pray for strength to do Gods will please pray for my family and me as well . Thank you most Beautiful and Loving mother .
Barbara, Doylestown USA // 2022-02-12
Mother Mary, thank you for our friend’s improvement with covid today. ❤️ Please continue prayers that he will soon be well and home with his family. Prayers for special intentions, conversions and priests. Thank you, Jesus, for family’s swift recovery from covid. May You be forever praised.
Pat, United States // 2022-02-11
Thank you for all your blessings our Lady of Lourdes. We ask you to intercede for me as I have a few health issues. Please keep us in good health and blessings to all my family and friends.
Bernadine Fernandes, England // 2022-02-11
Our Lady of Lourdes we thank you for all the blessings which you have showered on us. Please Our Lady bless my boy with a suitable partner in his life and a family of his own. Please keep us all in good health and bless my friends too. Thank you Our Lady.
Fatima D'Souza, England // 2022-02-01
Hello Dear Mother Mary from the School known as The Immaculate Conception in Dayton, Ohio United States. Please answer the prayers of the students in 6th grade, they ask for your special intercession for their families and friends and themselves. We thank you for visiting and sharing your name with St. Bernadette. We Love you, we adore you, we thank you!
Ms. Roddy's Religion Class, Dayton, Ohio // 2021-12-08
Dear Mother, Help me get healed with all the pain I am feeling for my husband and forgive me with all my sins. Help my husband to learn how to believe in God. Help him with his mental illness . Please bless my children, Diana, Robyn and Sab. Lord, I want to help my husband and love him , I hope he can be the man i wanted to be. I pray for Geoff also for he had hurt me as well. Amen
Ruby, South Lake Tahoe // 2021-11-22
Holy Mary Mother of God. I love you xx
Helen, UK // 2021-11-21
Dear Mother,pls pray for my wife find back to God and the Chrurch again. Thank you so much!
Gyuri B., Budapest // 2021-10-13
Please cure my 22 year old daughter Natashs who is suffering from a very rare kidney cancer. There is no known cure and the experimental immunotherapy treatment she was undergoing has stopped as she developed a very rare side effect. She is currently very unwell... please make her well again soon. Thank you.
Ayesha, Auckland New Zealand // 2021-10-09
Mother Mary please bring my Gio back home thank you
SharonAguanno, Middletown // 2021-09-28
Mary mother of God please bring Gio home
Sharon Aguanno, Middletown // 2021-09-27
Mother of God we ask for your prayers for your child k to be healed from MS and give strength to his family. We asked this in name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Katie, UK // 2021-08-16
Dear mother Mary please help tadgh and Emily. Thank you for all the graces have received from you. Marie
Mary Smith, Trim ireland // 2021-08-10
Holy Mary Mother of Jesus Christ our Saviour. Be with me and my little family now. And make us well so that we may be here as long as possible for our beautiful Son, and our families. That we may be with them as long as possible on earth. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
Mandy, BEDFORD // 2021-07-13
Immaculate Conception Holy Mother of God venerated at Lourdes. We beg you earnestly for our Mario, a devoted son, husband and father who is shortly to receive long treatment and for his happy outcome and return to his anxious family.
Frans Saliba, Mellieha Malta // 2021-05-21
Dear Blessed Mary , I pray to Give us Good results for both of us and help our son to help him decide in his future, that every thing goes smoothly and chooses the wright way .Safe him from All the trouble that can come latter on. Thank you for All The Blessing That you gave Us in Our Lives.
Mary Ann Attard, Mississauga Ont. // 2021-04-23
Someday I hope to visit all holy sites around the world. This would be my first stop.
Dottie Whibley, Dumfries // 2021-04-23
Blessed Mother and St. Bernadette on your feast day, please look after my husband and children with their continuous struggles. I pray for strength and guidance to help them.
Debra, New York // 2021-04-16
Grateful thanks to you blessed Immaculate Conception of Lourdes for hearing my prayer of a happy outcome for my wife's successful major surgery.
Frans Saliba, Mellieha Malta // 2021-04-09
Dear Blessed mother, I ask for healing for Anne Marie, & for all who have asked me to pray .Bless my grandchildren JP, Kate, Daniel & Jonathan.Blessed mother continue to guide & protect them throughout their lives.Bless my son's & their wives I also ask you to bless my sister's Celine & Una & my husband Sean & I.Thank you dearest mother & I thank Jesus your son for all our blessings .AMEN
Marian cGovern, Bunmahon // 2021-04-02
Please Mary our mother,I'm praying for healing for Johnny & that tests tomorrow will be negative.Thank you dear mother for your protection & for your care of me & my family AMEN
Marian cGovern, Bunmahon // 2021-03-25
Our Blessed Mother, Mary. Please look after Baby Jack who was born on 16th March 2021 at 23 weeks gestation. He weighed 1lb 4 ozs. I have faith that the Lords Will will be done and Your intercession Holy Mother will help Kick and his parents and family .
Dee, Bristol UK // 2021-03-24
The most beautiful place. Hope Jesus and Mary will be with us.
Samira Spiteri, Nadur Gozo // 2021-03-18
Dearest Mother Mary, the Immaculate Conception, please pray for my nephew, Matthew, who has schizophrenia. He needs a miracle. Pray for his Mother who too needs strength and guidance to continue to help her son. Amen.
Felice K. Fletcher, Swainton // 2021-02-28
Please heal my husband and sons, especially Christopher who has caused us so much sorrow. Please bless my beloved country the United States with peace and healing, and send your healing touch to all affected by this pandemic pestilence.
Kathleen Conway, Tempe // 2021-02-15
Immaculate Conception, Holy Mary of Lourdes, Mother of God, intercede with your Son for the safety and recovery of my wife from her oncoming operation so that she may be able to continue to look after her family who has visited you regularly until prevented by this pandemic, so that we may be able to visit you and thank you in pilgrimage to your blessed Grotto. Frans Saliba.
Frans Saliba, Mellieha Malta // 2021-02-12
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