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Hope they are going to fix it !:/
Francine, Kenner ★★★★★Bonaire Underwater Webcam
Terrible quality picture, it would be better turned off.
The webcam needs to be turned in. Sharpness is bad ???
Put some sound on???
Quality of picture very poor
Thank you!
Alla, Saint Peterburg ★★★★★Sanxiantai PTZ webcam, Taiwan
So beautiful
Amanda, Thornhill, TN ★★★★★PTZ webcam at Dean's Dam, Maruleng, South Africa
Is there a problem with the camera? Previously the pictures were clear and sharp now they are constantly pixelated. Also the water level looks very low which is strange considering how much rain Kenya has had recently.
Alice, NottinghamWebcam at ol Donyo Lodge, Kenya
Matthew 24:6 You will hear about wars, and report of wars, but do not be troubled, for these things must take place. But the end is not yet. Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom. Many false prophets will arise and deceive many people. Jesus prophesied that these things take place before Gods war against the dragon, the serpent, Satan the devil. Prophesy says that he will place his feet on the mount of olives. How fitting it is that this is the site of the war of Armageddon, with this area being the most violent and dangerous war site in the world at the moment. Is is possible, as a theory, that Gaza is Satans throne and they are waiting there for Jesus, knowing their time is short, and unleashing great anger before Jehovahs wrath is unleashed and he sets up his kingdom on earth. In Jesus name, AMEN!
I'm from Bangladesh. Very sad to see this happening in front of so-called civilized EU, USA, UN and Arab world. No heart felling for Hamas, Hezbollah or IDF what is the reason of suffering of all the innocent kids, women and elderly were killed by world power politics.
It does not show any destruction, other than the fire clouds above the area of the Shifta hospital. Tell Hamas to release the hostages and to surrender and Gaza will be quiet again.
Harry, Paris, France ★★★★★PTZ webcam in Gaza, Palestine
At night there is an almighty row coming from something. Is it some machinery that needs oiling. It’s terrible. Can’t be wildlife making that noise, surely?
Frank, WakefieldWebcam at ol Donyo Lodge, Kenya
Please widen your camera angle. Everything is occurring to the left...
Jason, Houston ★★★★★PTZ webcam in Gaza, Palestine
Watching from Newzealand very sad should not be happening. Feel so sorry for those little kids.
Watching from Australia
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