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So glad your back!!! My Zen has returned..
Devildog, SlotownBonaire Underwater Webcam
Very good camera work, but we would appreciate a little more time with birds rather than just large animals, especially when there aren't any large animals in the area.
Chet, LakesideDjuma Game Reserve Webcam
Where is the 3rd chick?
Happy to see 3rd chick hatched. Mum feeding it specially this morning as tends to get in middle of older chick sandwich. Brilliant to see them thriving.
Nessa, Adelaide ★★★★★Osprey nest webcam in Port Lincoln, South Australia
I am so happy to find a new nest with 2 babies and 1 yet to hatch. The camera is so close you can't see much. If it were backed up a little to see more of the nest then we could see mom when she gets up plus other things. Would you consider backing up the camera just a little?
Kathy, Monmouth, Oregon ★★★★Osprey nest webcam in Port Lincoln, South Australia
Overjoyed to see the 2 hatchlings. Sorry that they don't appear to have hatched all 3 eggs. Well done to all who look after these birds, so worthwhile. Can't take my eyes off the parents.
Nessa, Adelaide SA ★★★★★Osprey nest webcam in Port Lincoln, South Australia
I'm waiting for the ospreys to start the season.
Hello, We're watching from Adelaide. Beautiful birds and great footage, thank you. When were the eggs laid / how long until hatching? Cheers, Pip
Philippa, Adelaide ★★★★★Sea Eagle nest webcam, Sydney
Wow .... they are active tonight !!! First time since I have been watching that the big fish are so active .
Jeffory, Columbus, Ms. ★★★★★Bonaire Underwater Webcam
Hi I come from thailand. I love sea
Has the octopus taken up the flute? I must have missed the move from the brain coral nest to the cage. What happened?
Holly, Philadelphia ★★★★★Bonaire Underwater Webcam
Divers, stop touching the coral!
Stephanie Roche, BaldwinBonaire Underwater Webcam
I was enjoying watching the 3 baby eagles and the mother looking after them and then they just disappeared and this fill in came on. What happened to the babies if it was in fact live?
What is the blue on the adults wings.
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