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What happened to the 4 chick?? I only see 3 now.
Chollymum - I wondered about the 5th egg as well. I thought it had cracked and we were going to have 5th chick. But no. Did rewind several times but could not work out what happened. Very sad - and puzzling. We do have 3 good sized chicks to watch - and 1 quite a bit smaller - and I shall worry about the little one.....!!
The 5th egg seemed to disappear 2 days ago - does anyone know if it hatched, was broken (unlikely) or was evicted by one of the adults?
4 May - aaahhh - now we've got 4 little chicks - and the sun is shining so it's lovely and warm.
2 May; during last night 1 May, or early hours of 2 May - we got another chick - now there's 3 in the nest..sweet.
29 April - 2 chicks !! - 1 little one just escaped egg mid-afternoon to join the first one. (Shame no time stamp on this cam). And tomorrow......
26 April 2023. Well, we have a repeat of last year - there are 5 eggs again this spring. Fingers crossed everyone.
The fight wuse cool.
I am worried about the plastic bag in the nest. Could it harm the parents or their offspring?
Perperieva, Plovdiv, Bulgaria ★★★★★Webcam at the storks nest, Lindheim, Germany
What's happened with the web cam - we can't see the complete nest now, or be able to count the eggs and watch the chicks hatch. Oh - so frustrating - who moved it !!! Can someone climb up and adjust the webcam before Mum starts laying any eggs....please, please.........
The web cam seems to have been moved forward so now can only see half of the nest
Love the webcams that you have. Last year, great tits started nesting in June in your nestbox at almost the same time that they did in mine, with its camera, in England, so I was able to watch them every day. Fascinating to see both families growing at the same time. A great tit has already started nest building. That's very early, isn't it?
Tony, Sherborne, Dorset ★★★★★Wild animal and bird feeder live cam in Recke, Germany
I see she's back (I presume it is the same stork) but, today, she's limping. Hope she'll be Ok. Sad to see her make the familiar head-back, clacking greeting, on returning to an empty nest. I repeat my past question: Can anyone tell me if many storks overwinter in Germany?
Chollymum, Hertford, England ★★★★★Webcam at the storks nest, Lindheim, Germany
The female stork has not migrated for several years, staying at the Linheim nest despite snow and ice. The nest appears to be deserted now. Does anyone know if something has happened to her, if she has migrated this year, or if she has moved to another nest at Lindheim?
Chollymum, Hertford, England ★★★★★Webcam at the storks nest, Lindheim, Germany
Watching from New York & I love this site. The birds are very well cared for & they bring a smile to my face.
Lyn, Warsaw, NY, USA ★★★★★Webcam at bird feeders in Recke, Germany
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