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An egg appearing at ca 16.19 today!
Asan, Stockholm ★★★★★Webcam at white-tailed eagle nest
An egg disappears!
More fluff for the nest and mating!
Patricia Bullers, Ringgold ★★★★★Webcam at white-tailed eagle nest
I have thought, for some time, that the female who overwintered at the nest may have been the youngest survivor of last year’s brood. If so, I believe that she & her partner don't yet have names. Having watched some of their attempts at nest -building, I suggest something similar to ‘Laurel’ & ‘Hardy’!
Chollymum, Hertford ★★★★★Webcam at the storks nest, Lindheim, Germany
Hi What type of bird was at ground feeder around 15.20 hrs, looks like a pigeon but not, grey, brown white under beak, white stripes wing area. Thanks
Hi, sorry but I think it doesn't work. I'm so glad because I usually saw it last year.
Ronan, Kemper (Brittany)Webcam at the Golden Eagles Nest, Latvia
Tree sparrows, collared dove, middle-spotted and great-spotted woodpeckers, marsh, great, blue and coal tits, nuthatch, jay. Others include white stork, greylag goose, pheasant (rehabilitated). Mammals include roe deer, rabbit, friendly Homo sapiens (Czech subspecies!).
Tim Earl, Isle of Man ★★★★★Webcam at the bird feeder in Makov Center
I know they shouldn't have been invading the birds' space, but I do wonder what became of the long-eared squirrels who used to appear at the feeder? They were kind of cute, for squirrels, but they seem to have disappeared completely.
Great and blue tit bird also a deer
Elise, London ★★★★★Webcam at the bird feeder in Makov Center
I presume that most of the local storks have flown south so which one is still using the nest? Do many, if any, storks overwinter in Germany?
Chollymum, Hertford ★★★★★Webcam at the storks nest, Lindheim, Germany
This is easily the best Osprey cam I have seen in the UK. I like the way somebody actually controls it now and again, zooming in when something interesting is happening. Well done to all concerned.
Ian Dalgleish, Largs ★★★★★Osprey Nest Webcam in Wales, UK
Superb viewing of this interesting bird. Thank you. The care of the young one and attention to detail Of the nest is fascinating. The adult birds are so "dignified looking" and kind of calm in their behaviour. During this Covid time watching this nest has been a real tonic.
David Black, London ★★★★★Webcam at the greater spotted eagle's nest
Where is the other one is it ok after falling from the nest?
I love this wild looking site and the osprey family. So beautiful.
Diana McCoy, Salt Lake City ★★★★★Osprey nest webcam №2 in Estonia
These eaglets are adorable! Is there a chat for this nest?
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