Webcam at white-tailed eagle nest

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Webcam at white-tailed eagle nest

Live webcam shows the white-tailed eagle nest in Durbe region in Latvia. White-tailed Eagle (lat Haliaeetus albicilla) - a bird of prey in the family Accipitridae
Geography: Durbe Municipality. Time zone: GMT+03:00
Broadcast quality: video, 1080p, 🔊 with sound. Status: webcam is online (checked today).
Category: birds.

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  1. The first flight from the nest. July 10, 2020 (4:29)
  2. 2
    Strong thunderstorm, June 20, 2020 (8:23)
  3. 3
    The nest of white-tailed eagles in 2018 (22:10)
  4. 4
    Vilnis is defending the nest
  5. 5
    Ringing, May 25, 2015


Come on you two. Time to try those huge wings and FLEDGE!
Jancux, Scarborough // 2020-07-07
the youngest has been maltreated by the oldest bro/sis and died . removed by one of the parents
Wieringa, Groningen // 2020-06-14
The youngest eagle has been killed by one of the parents and has been fed to the others.
Hans P, Eelde // 2020-06-07
Where is one off the baby's?
Evaline, Groningen // 2020-05-19
The second eagle brought a young bird of prey into the nest and the third smallest young sea eagle was thrown from the nest. I couldn't see who did it, was it the siblings or the parents? I only saw (and took a screenshot) when it was already hanging on the edge of the nest. One of the parents tried to get him back up but didn't succeed.
Andi, Zuerich Switzerland // 2020-05-17
Fabulous to see these beautiful birds going about their business. Thank you!
Jon Morris, Holstebro // 2020-05-04
Unable to give 5 stars. Why?
Marsha McGhee, Agoura Hills // 2020-03-28
Why is the nest falling apart?
Monica, Östersund // 2019-08-07
Yes, they do really gulp the food. I scroll the timeline every day, but ofcourse I may have missed som meals. And now are they being fed quite often, so I´m not worried any more. How can you tell the differens between mother and father?
Monica, Östersund // 2019-06-28
The mother delivers food regularly. But they eat so quickly that you think they don´t get any food at all. You can scroll the timeline 12 hours back and try to find when the mother is there.
Claes, BRO // 2019-06-22
Bit worried, haven’t seen them being fed for several days.
Monica, Östersund // 2019-06-20
Ops, where is another chick? Has it fallen down?
Helena, Helsinki // 2019-05-23
Bit worried it's 2pm in UK but can only see I sea eagle chick in the nest ,I hope the other chick hasn't fallen out nest
Anne Meikle , Edinburgh // 2019-05-13
Excellent webcam.
Anne Meikle, Edinburgh Scotland // 2019-04-27
Excellent webcam really great views of this fabulous sea eagle.
Anne Meikle, Edinburgh Scotland // 2019-04-14
Birds flew to winter to the south.
Tina, Luxembourg // 2018-09-14
What has happend to the nest. It is empty!
Lennart Claesson, Sweden // 2018-09-14
When does it get light here?
Nora , Cibolo // 2018-02-07
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