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When does Pip watch begin?
Has anyone seen Liberty today?
What's happened with the web cam - we can't see the complete nest now, or be able to count the eggs and watch the chicks hatch. Oh - so frustrating - who moved it !!! Can someone climb up and adjust the webcam before Mum starts laying any eggs....please, please.........
Good morning Redding. Is the one egg really broken? :(
The web cam seems to have been moved forward so now can only see half of the nest
Awww, the egg is broken. So sad.
Is the egg cracked?!
Love the webcams that you have. Last year, great tits started nesting in June in your nestbox at almost the same time that they did in mine, with its camera, in England, so I was able to watch them every day. Fascinating to see both families growing at the same time. A great tit has already started nest building. That's very early, isn't it?
Tony, Sherborne, Dorset ★★★★★Wild animal and bird feeder live cam in Recke, Germany
The video quality has been improved to 1080, thanks a lot for that!I constantly watch this particular camera at this watering hole as at home, even though I am from Russia.
Victor, Perm ★★★★★Tau Waterhole PTZ webcam, South Africa
I watch it all the time very interestingly, if only the video quality of 1920 x 1080 and there would be a drop off at all!
Victor, Perm ★★★★★Tau Waterhole PTZ webcam, South Africa
Fascinating! Just like camping next to a watering hole.
Lynne, Boston, Massachusetts, USA ★★★★★Webcam at a watering hole in the Namib Desert, Namibia
What is wrong with the camera? It hasn't been working for days. It looks like an optical problem. Do you have an estimated time when it will be working?
Jim Hancock, El Cajon, CA 92020 ★★Bald eagles nest webcam, Redding, California
what is wrong with the camera?
I Take It, That The Camera Is Down. When Will It Be Working Again.
Please put the basket of seeds back so we can see the little birds.
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