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Peregrine falcon nest webcam, Orange

Live webcam shows a peregrine falcon nest on the outskirts of Orange, Australia in real time. The nest is located in a wooden box on top of a water tower located on the grounds of Charles Sturt University in Orange city in the Central West Region of the Australian state of New South Wales.

The live camera is designed to study the reproductive behavior and diet of a family of non-migratory peregrine falcons residing in Australia. This project has been approved by the CSU Animal Ethics Committee.

The webcam at the Orange peregrine falcon nest works around the clock in real time.
Geography: Orange. Time zone: GMT+11:00
Broadcast quality: video, 1440p. Status: webcam is online (checked a few days ago).
Category: birds.

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total: 22
  1. Accidentally fledge by Rubus 2022/11/20 (00:41)
  2. 2
    11.11.2022 Indigo fledges!
  3. 3
    In the evening, October 5, the second chick hatched!!! (1:27)
  4. 4
    Cilla is cleaning nest box & camera lens (10:14)
  5. 5
    Eggs are removed by Cilla
  6. 6
    Young Yurruga made her first flight (4:19)
  7. 7
    Another prey is fed to Yurruga (8:59)
  8. 8
    Yurruga learns to de-feathering a prey (4:17)
  9. 9
    Congratulations Diamond & Xavier for first baby. 08.10.2021 (00:52)
  10. 10
    Third egg. September 5, 2021
  11. 11
    Second egg. September 2, 2021
  12. 12
    First egg! August 31, 2021
  13. 13
    Izzi brings in a largish parrot. December 23, 2020 (3:19)
  14. 14
    Izzi's fnal I hope fledge
  15. 15
    Izzi returns after rehab
  16. 16
    Izzi Fledges
  17. 17
    Return of Izzi
  18. 18
    Falling out of the nest
  19. 19
    Educational process
  20. 20
    Walk through the nest and return to mama (3:22)


Hi, I have been watching the Falcon for some time now. Watched both chicks fly from the nest today. 14/11/2024
Bruce, Hobart, Tasmania // 2023-11-14
The hatched around the 28/29 September 2023
Scott, Adelaide // 2023-11-10
I'm wondering on what date did these babies hatch. If anyone can tell me, I'd appreciate it.
Paula, Nambour // 2023-11-09
Can anyone see the figure walking on the ground can be seen at left on the ground. Looks quite ghostly.
Liz, Nicholson // 2023-10-19
I absolutely love this camera view of these wonderful birds, thankyou for this camera!
Christine Evans, Worthing, Sussex, England // 2022-11-05
Why is the chick keep doing this.I think the adults do this to cool down would the chick be doing this.
Liz andrew, Nicholson victoria // 2022-10-29
Wonderful to see these beautiful birds! Thankyou :)
Christine Evans, Worthing // 2022-10-25
Please find out what is dangling on the ledge. Right now 13-10-2022 Thu 21:20:33. Appears to be like a fishing lure…it is worrisome. Thx.
Emm, Ny // 2022-10-13
Congratulations to the Mum and Dad!! Such a cute wee one! My only concern is if Naby is getting enough to eat. From Southern California.
Katherine Coronado, Beaumont, California // 2022-10-04
So the male was sitting on the remaining eggs and the chick and mum can and tossed him off. Such a pleasure to be able to watch this thank you.
Maria Spindler, Sydney // 2022-10-01
Hi, I have been watching the baby falcon everyday but now concerned to what's happened to the baby and can only see feathers blowing underneath the webcam, hope it's ok.
Colleen, Adelaide // 2021-11-23
I am both Australian born and reside in Florida Alabama Al….so yes love both the falcons there and the eagles here too!
Denise nature lover, Rockledge // 2021-11-22
Thank you for the webcam and for allowing me to look at your nest box from the Netherlands. Question, can the night camera be set a little later? Again my thanks and blessings in the hope that you continue in your good works. Regards, Martin
deParox, Fryslan the Netherlands // 2021-11-04
Really goid
Sylvi, Victoria // 2021-10-12
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