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Ziggy, Montana ★★★★★Eagles nest webcam, Kenai, Alaska
I thought the names were Denali and Spurr, according to the recent contest?
The adult female eagle's name is Aurora. The young one is named Denali. The male parent was Redoubt, and the young one that died when it fell out of the nest was Spurr.
Patrick Hames, Nikiski ★★★★Eagles nest webcam, Kenai, Alaska
What happened to the second eaglet???
Cynthia, Eagle RiverEagles nest webcam, Kenai, Alaska
what happened to the second eaglet??
Mary Kari, SudburyEagles nest webcam, Kenai, Alaska
Please add "Denali" and "Yukon" to the names of the two inhabitants of the nest.
Tom Rachal, Anchorage, Alaska ★★★★★Eagles nest webcam, Kenai, Alaska
4/30, 18:10 - kenai eagle cam is running as of now. You may need to update your website.
Thank you for your message!
Scarlett Svaleson, HelenaEagles nest webcam, Kenai, Alaska
This is NOT a live webcam, only a compilation of recordings.
Alphonse Danletas, Montreal Webcam at the Osprey Nest on Hog ​​Island
Congratulations! To the older eaglet on the first fledged and younger eaglet on branching.
Mary G, Copiague, NY ★★★★★Webcam at the eagles nest at Glacier Gardens
On cam sites that have no sound, I sometimes go to Big Bear Valley eagle cam, then exit, but keep audio on ,then go back to silent cams and enjoy. Alot of early AM and PM sounds. The eaglet there was Simba, who fledged a couple wks ago, but adult eagles have been back arranging sticks. Flying squirrels, Stellar Jays also frequent nest looking for nestovers. Haven't found anyone else who does that! Some said they won't because if they wanted audio they'd just do audio nest. Huh, What!!
Capt. L Goodrich, Arroyo Grande ★★★★★Webcam at the eagles nest at Glacier Gardens
These baby's are beautiful. How old are they ?
Have they ate anything today ?
New to this site. How old are the eaglets?
Very nice view of our beautiful bald eagles! only wish there was sound too so you could hear the wind in the trees to make you feel like your really there in the wild. Thanks for sharing! Little ones so
Dar, Prescott, AZ ★★★★★Webcam at the eagles nest at Glacier Gardens
Is this a LIVE feed of Rosie the Humminbird?
Tammy, ClearwaterRosie Hummingbird Nest Live Cam
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