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Could you please add the date and temperature? Love this sight!
Please bring back the Nevsky webcam. Showing ordinary Russians coming up from out of the underground was the perfect way to get a sense of the Russian soul.
Robert, Chicago ★★★★★Nevsky Prospekt Webcam
Nice webcam, Russia looks like an awesome place!
It would be most appreciated if you could provide English subtitles for your news so that the English speaking audience can understand your news broadcast.
Firman, Kuala LumpurIzvestia online — live TV channel
Happy to see them back again.
What happed to the mother and father?
Greetings from Argos! I am truly hooked on this videocam upon Lenin square. Whenever you see on YouTube: 1 person is watching right now, then that person is me!
Dimitri Platis, Argos ★★★★★Arkhangelsk webcam
Uses obsolete flash technology, which is dead for many ears already, please upgrade.
Praying for your Country
Allison, Alabama United StatesWebcam on Lenin Square, Khabarovsk
I love this city!!! It is wonderful!!!
Tina, Mannheim ★★★★★Webcam on Lenin Street, Khabarovsk city
MacLeod, Saint-Basile-le-Grand ★★★★★Webcam in Pribrezhny Passage, camera 2
Oh, I see ice, It`s so nice! Great city of Great Peter! Thanks webcam!
1991-1995, I lived and learned in this small & beautyful city, this quare I had visited very often. I never have any chance to comeback there again since I left 1995, many friend still there, Thanks for the web camera, that really helped me to touch there, the lovely city.
Sewell, Vancouver CanadaWebcam on Victory Square in Vladimir city
Awesome webcam! Love Saint Petersburg!
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