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We survived but lost the house :( /s, Dr. Dosh former of 13-3455 Kaupili st. Pahoa 96778.
Steve Dosh, Pahoa ★★★★★Kilauea volcano webcam, Hawaii
Hi your audio is terrible. Way over modulated and booming in a bad way. Listen to it on a system, it is not understandable at all. Please lower the audio going to the camera. If there is no adjustment, try placing something over the microphone to cut down the sound. I am sure it sounds good in person, but through the mic, is really bad. Sorry. The video part is fine though.
Clyde Long, Nashville TN ★★★★Two Friends Karaoke Live Cam, Key West, Florida
Is this a LIVE feed of Rosie the Humminbird?
Tammy, ClearwaterRosie Hummingbird Nest Live Cam
Is tis a live cam, happening now (July 2018?) or is it a video? Joan Rogers
Joan Rogers, Port RicheyRosie Hummingbird Nest Live Cam
What are hatch dates for these beauties ?
Lorna Drexler , Canada Rosie Hummingbird Nest Live Cam
I loved it it was very interesting.
Robert Wolf, Saint LouisKilauea volcano webcam, Hawaii
Want live video not updated every 15 min.
I see only blank screen. No video output.
David K., Higden, ARKilauea Volcano Webcam, Hawaii
The images update every 15 minutes.
Has this screen frozen? I don't see the picture updating or a video output??? Fix It Please
Graham, Lyme RegisKilauea Volcano Webcam, Hawaii
No Video
Tim Roper, Bournemouth UKKilauea Volcano Webcam, Hawaii
Are the hiding something? Bigger earthquakes last hour or so....
Mike, Washington DCKilauea Volcano Webcam, Hawaii
No video.
J H M, ManchesterKilauea Volcano Webcam, Hawaii
The pictures are not updating, they keep going back and forth to earlier...then later, then earlier...etc.
Bontus, LancasterKilauea Volcano Webcam, Hawaii
No video.
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