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So sad to see something happened to the eggs and nest. Video playback does not show and I just wanted to know what happened.
Elizabeth Butler, RobbinsvilleAudubon Boat House Osprey Nest Live Cam
Is there any information on when the eggs were laid and when they are expected to hatch? I have been watching other nest and came across this one today. Very interested in seeing them from this early start. Phoebe is the most beautiful of all the osprey I have seen.
Elizabeth Butler, RobbinsvilleAudubon Boat House Osprey Nest Live Cam
It is offline >:(
Lila, RaochTOwn Roach Camera
Is this live or recorded footage?
Richard Cant, MinneapolisBrooks Falls Webcam
I love this! I keep it on at all times!
Jamison Myers, Choconut PA ★★★★★Coral City webcam, Miami
Maggie May, Ashland ★★★★★Big Bear Bald Eagle Webcam
Reminds me of home.
I keep being drawn back to watch, even after dark. Most of the time when I am not watching I still have the feed running in the background and every time I hear something I click back to check. I am so sad for Shadow and Jackie and I too am beginning to personalize them. You say eagles do not have the emotional attachments but is sure seems like Shadow is grieving big time some days. I watched him the evening of the 6th and he seemed so sad that evening. Maybe he is just taking the opportunity to rest up tho. Man it is windy up there tho. I would be surprised that eaglettes would not blow out of the nest! I will continue to check on them as long as they are there and then look forward excitedly to next years try.
Nancy Lawrence, Myrnam ★★★★★Big Bear Bald Eagle Webcam
Congratulations on the 3rd hatchling, so thrilling to see this bonded pair interacting like a beautiful song that never ends.
Juanita Letner, Oneida ★★★Bald Eagles Nest Webcam, Pittsburgh, PA
Where is the other egg. I don’t see a baby
Jamie, VeniceBig Bear Bald Eagle Webcam
Your doing an excellant job!!! Thank you
D Rushlow, Elkhart IN ★★★★★Webcam over a bald eagle's nest in Florida
I try not to miss this every Friday and Saturday. Could say Vivid......Can not afford to go....yep.But these are good seats and the bar is in the Frig.To those who served or are serving. Jack a drink.
Bill Martino, Mount Ephraim. New Jersey 08059Two Friends Karaoke Live Cam, Key West, Florida
Is Champ going to appear at some stage?
Tawny Tubster, sheriton ★★★★★Webcam at the nest of Bald Eagles, Two Harbors, California
Can't believe the area is cleaned 3 times a week only f or the whole place to look theme same again in a matter of hours. Tents encroach the roadway and there are even open campfires on the sidewalk. It must cost the city a fortune, how can this be????
Davd Buckley, CheadleEverett Homeless Live
VERY COOL! I've been feeding the little fellas myself 24/7 for about 7+ years now. Challenging in the winter, but manageable.
JW, Port Angeles Wa. ★★★★★Hummingbird Nest Webcam in Southern California
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