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Unfortunately, this webcam is currently offline. As soon as the broadcast resumes, it will appear on this page. But you can watch similar live cams or popular webcams of our website:

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Webcam at the peregrine falcon nest, Melbourne

Live webcam shows a peregrine falcon nest in Melbourne in real time. Peregrine falcons have been inhabiting the ledge of a house on Collins Street since the early 1990s. A camera at the nest was installed about four years ago for remote bird watching.

The peregrine falcon is a bird of prey from the falcon family, distributed on all continents except Antarctica.
Geography: Melbourne. Time zone: GMT+11:00
Broadcast quality: video, 1080p, 🔊 with sound. Status: webcam is offline (checked).
Category: birds.

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total: 16
  1. From floofs to fledglings - the whole 2022 season (11:12)
  2. 2
    On September 30, 2022, the second chick hatched in the morning! (2:22)
  3. 3
    09/30/2022 the first chick hatched! (1:37)
  4. 4
    11.11.2021 Collins Falcons Dad trying to feed the sick little one (5:06)
  5. 5
    The second little fledged!
  6. 6
    First little one fledged!
  7. 7
    Breakfast for four. October 2, 2021 (14:15)
  8. 8
    First feeding of «triplets». Seotember 30, 2021 (19:34)
  9. 9
    3 chicks hatched!!! September 30, 2021 (20:28)
  10. 10
    Changes to the incubation of 4 eggs (15:19)
  11. 11
    08/29/2021 Fourth egg!
  12. 12
    08/27/2021 Third egg!
  13. 13
    08/24/2021 Second egg!
  14. 14
    08/22/2021 First egg!
  15. 15
    Melbourne Peregrine Falcons - Fledging 2020 (6:18)
  16. 16
    Running chicks


Enjoyed every minute, just like last year.
Richard, Adelaide Australia // 2022-11-14
Is it possible to have a split screen showing both camera views now that the chicks are active at both ends of the ledge?
Annette, Melbourne // 2022-10-31
Where are the peregrine chicks?
A Alwis, Melbourne // 2022-10-20
Thank you for showing us the other side. I'm pleased to see now the second nest and a nice view from Melbourne too.
Angelika Fuchs, Wesel, Germany // 2021-11-08
Can you show us the second nest on the other side too? Last year you show both and we could see the chicks and also a nice view fom Melbourne.
Angelika Fuchs, Wesel Germany // 2021-11-01
Amazing how quickly the chicks grow.
Mark Mears, Dunedin New Zealand. // 2021-10-17
Very interesting, parent is very attentive.
Gary Paton, Melbourne // 2021-10-03
What was the bird that she caught?
Kathie, Ballarat // 2021-10-03
What was that massive animal the mother caught around 6am this morning (eastern Australia time). It was still a little dark at that time so I couldn’t tell. Could have been a mouse
Craig, Melbourne // 2021-10-02
Please tell me, how many eggs this year ?
Paul, Pike, NH // 2021-09-16
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